A Airbone Lifeboat 空中投下式救命艇≪空軍≫
AAAC Army Amphibious Assault Craft 陸軍揚陸強襲艇≪陸軍≫
AAAV Advanced Amphibious Assault Vehicle {Later EFV} 先進水陸両用強襲車
AACV Assault Air Cushion Vehicle 強襲エア・クッション艇
AALC Amphibious Assault Landing Craft; or Advanced Assault Landing Craft 水陸両用強襲揚陸艇、先進強襲揚陸艇
AAV Amphibious Assault Vehicle 水陸両用強襲車
AB Crane Ship {Later ACS} クレーン船
AB Harbor Launch 港内ランチ≪沿岸警備隊≫
ABD Advanced Base Dock {Later AFDL} 浮きドック
ABSD Advanced Base Section Dock {Later AFDB} 分割式浮きドック
AC Collier; or Coaling Ship 給炭艦
AC Boat, Patrol 哨戒ボート≪陸軍≫
ACAB Aircat Airboat エアキャット・プロペラ艇
ACM Auxiliary Minelayer {Later MMA}; or Drill Minelaying and Recovery Vessel 補助機雷敷設艦
ACR Armored Cruiser 装甲巡洋艦
ACS Auxiliary Crane Ship {Formerly AB} クレーン船、貨物揚搭能力強化型輸送艦
ACS Air Capable Ship 航空能力艦
ACTUV Anti-Submarine Warfare Continuous Trail Unmanned Vessel 対潜戦連続追尾無人船
ACV Aircraft Carrier, Auxiliary; or Auxiliary Aircraft Carrier {Later CVE}; or Tender; or Assault Cushion Vehicle 補助航空母艦、エア・クッション車
AD Destroyer Tender 駆逐艦母艦
ADC Dry Cargo Replenishment Ship
ADG Degaussing Ship 消磁艦
AE Ammunition Ship 給兵艦
AEL Small Ammunition Ship 小型給兵艦
AEM Missile Support Ship ミサイル支援艦
AESD Advanced Electric Ship Demonstrator 先進電子艦船用デモンストレーター
AF Provision Storeship; or Store Ship 給糧艦
AFD Mobile Floating Dock; or Auxiliary Floating Dock 浮きドック
AFDB Large Auxiliary Floating Dry Dock {Formerly ABSD} 大型浮きドック(非自走)
AFDL Small Auxiliary Floating Dry Dock {Formerly ABD, AFD} 小型浮きドック(非自走)
AFDL Auxiliary Floating Drydock, Little (Concrete) {Formerly ARDC} 小型浮きドック(コンクリート製、非自走)
AFDM Medium Auxiliary Floating Dry Dock {Formerly YFD} 中型浮きドック(非自走)
AFS Combat Store Ship 戦闘給糧艦
AFSB Afloat Forward Staging Base {Later ESB} 洋上前進策定基地、洋上前線設置基地、洋上前線配備艦
AG Miscellaneous Auxiliary; or Miscellaneous; or Auxiliary, Generic/General (miscellaneous) use 雑役艦
AGB Icebreaker 砕氷艦
AGb Base Miscellaneous Auxiliary {Later YAG} 基地雑役船
AGBL Small Icebreaker 小型砕氷艦
AGBN Nuclear Powered Icebreaker 原子力砕氷艦
AGC Combined Operations Communications Headquarters Ship; or Amphibious Force Command Ship; or Flagship {Later LCC} 水陸統合結合作戦通信司令部艦、揚陸指揮艦
AGCL Small Communications Ship 小型通信艦
AGD Seagoing Dredge
AGDD Expermental Destroyer 実験駆逐艦
AGDE Escort Research Ship 護衛調査艦
AGDS Deep Submergence Support Ship 深海潜水支援艦
AGEH Hydrofoil Research Ship 水中翼実験艇
AGER Environmental Research Ship 環境調査艦
AGF Miscellaneous Command Ship 指揮艦
AGFF Frigate Research Ship 実験フリゲイト
AGHS Hydrofoil Support Ship 哨戒艇支援艦
AGI Intelligence Collector 情報収集艦
AGL Lighthouse Tender 灯台見回り船
AGM Missile Range Instrumentation Ship ミサイル実験支援艦[ミサイル追跡艦]
AGMR Major Communication Relay Ship 通信中継艦
AGOR Oceanographic Research Ship 海洋観測艦
AGOS Ocean Surveillance Ship 音響測定艦
AGP Motor Torpedo Boat Tender; or Patrol Craft Tender 魚雷艇母艦、哨戒艇母艦
AGR Radar Picket Ship (converted Cargo Ship) レーダー哨戒艦(貨物輸送船改造)
AGS Surveying Ship 測量艦
AGSc Coastal Surveying Ship {Later AGSC} 沿岸測量艦
AGSC Coastal Surveying Ship {Formerly AGSc} 沿岸測量艦
AGSE Submarine and Special Warfare Support 潜水艦戦特殊作戦支援船
AGSL Satellite Launching Ship 衛星発射艦
AG(SS) Auxiliary Research Submarine {Later AGSS} 調査潜水艦[実験潜水艦]
AGSS Auxiliary Research Submarine {Formerly AG(SS)} 調査潜水艦[実験潜水艦]
AGT Target Service Ship
AGTR Technical Research Ship 技術調査艦
AGX Experimental Auxiliary {Later EAG}
AH Hospital Ship 病院船
AHP Evacuation Hospital Ship 避難病院船
AHR Riverine Hospital Ship 河川[河用]病院船
AK Cargo Ship 貨物輸送艦、貨物輸送船、車両貨物輸送船
AKA Attack Cargo Ship {Later LKA} 攻撃貨物輸送艦
AKD Deep-Hold Cargo Ship; or Cargo Ship, Dock ドック型輸送艦
AKE Auxiliary Ammunition Supply Vessel 貨物弾薬補給艦
AKI General Stores Issue Ship; or General Store Ship, Issue {Now AKS} 一般消耗品補給艦、需品補給艦
AKL Little Cargo Ship; or Light Cargo Ship 小型輸送艦、軽輸送艦
AKN Net Cargo Ship; or Minecraft Mother Ship 設網貨物輸送艦
AKR Vehicle Cargo Ship 車両輸送艦、車両貨物輸送艦
AKS General Stores Issue Ship; or Stores Issue Ship{Formerly AKI} 一般消耗品補給艦、需品補給艦
AKSS Cargo Submarine 輸送潜水艦
AKV Aircraft Supply Ship; or Cargo Ship and Aircraft Ferry 貨物航空機運搬艦
AL Lightship 灯船
AM Minesweeper 掃海艇、艦隊掃海艇
AMb Base Minesweeper 基地内掃海艇
AMc Coastal Minesweeper 特設沿岸掃海艇
AMc(U) Coastal Minesweeper (Underwater Object Locator) {Later AMCU} 特設沿岸掃海艇
AMCU Coastal Minesweeper (Underwater Object Locator) {Later MHC} 特設沿岸掃海艇
AMh Minsweeper, Habor 港内掃海艇
AMN Motor Minesweeper 内燃機掃海艇
AMo Minsweeper, Habor 港内掃海艇
AMP Mine Planter (Army) ≪陸軍≫
AMS Motor Minesweeper 内燃機掃海艇
AN Net-Laying Ship {Later ANL} 設網艦
ANB Aids-to-Navigation Boat 航海援助艇≪沿岸警備隊≫
ANL Net-Laying Ship {Formerly AN} 設網艦
AO Oiler; or Fuel Oil Tanker; or Fleet Oiler; or Underway Replenishment Oiler 給油艦、艦隊給油艦
AOb Converted Base Oiler
AOE Fast Combat Support Ship 高速戦闘支援艦
AOG Gasoline Tanker 軽質油艦
AOL Small Oiler 小型給油艦
AOR Replenishment Oiler; or Replenishment Fleet Tanker 洋上補給艦、洋上艦隊給油艦
AORL Small Replenishment Oiler 小型洋上補給艦
AOS Special Liquid Carrier
AOSS Submarine Oiler 油槽潜水艦
AOT Transport Oiler 油槽艦
AP Transport 兵員輸送艦
APA Animal Transport; or Attack Transport {Later LPA} 動物輸送艦、攻撃輸送艦
APB Self Propelled Barracks Ship; or Artillery Barge 宿泊艦
APb Base Repair ship 基地修理艦[基地工作艦]
APc Cavalry Transport; or Small Coastal Transport {Later APC} 騎兵輸送艦、小型沿岸兵員輸送艦
APC Cavalry Transport; or Small Coastal Transport {Formerly APc} 騎兵輸送艦、小型沿岸兵員輸送艦
APD High-Speed Transport 高速輸送艦
APF Administrative Flagship 管理旗艦
APG Supporting Gunnery Ship 砲術支援艦
APH Evacuation Transport 避難用輸送艦[疎開用輸送艦]
APL Barracks Craft; or Barracks Ship 宿泊船(非自走)
APL(S) Auxiliary Personnel Lighter, Small 宿泊船(小型)
APM Mechanized Artillery Transport {Later LSD} 機動火砲輸送艦
APN Non-Mechanized Artillery Transport 非機動火砲輸送艦
APP Troop Barge, Class A 部隊用艀A
APR Rescue Transport 救難輸送艦
APS Minelaying Submarine; or Transport Submarine {Later SSP} 機雷敷設潜水艦、輸送潜水艦
APSS Transport Submarine {Formerly ASSA, ASSP} 輸送潜水艦
APT Troop Barge, Class B 部隊用艀B
APV Transport and Aircraft Ferry; or Aircraft Transport 輸送航空機フェリー艦、航空機輸送艦
APY Gigant "Y" Boat {Later LCI(L)} ジャイアントYボート
AR Repair Ship 工作艦
ARb Base Repair Ship 基地工作艦
ARB Battle-Damage Repair Ship 戦傷修理工作艦
ARC Cable Repairing Ship; or Cable Repairing or Laying Ship 電纜敷設艦
ARD Auxiliary Repair Dry Dock; or Auxiliary Floating Dry Dock 大型修理浮きドック(非自走)
ARD(BS) Bathyscaph Support Auxiliary Repair Dock バチスカーフ支援大型修理浮きドック(非自走)
ARDC Repair Dock, Concrete; or Auxiliary Floating Drydock, Little (Concrete) {Later AFDL} 修理浮きドック(コンクリート製)
ARDM Medium Auxiliary Repair Dry Dock 中型修理浮きドック(非自走)
ARG Internal Combustion Engine Repair Ship 内燃機関修理艦
ARH Heavy Hull Repair Ship 重工作艦
ARL Landing Craft Repair Ship; or Auxiliary Repair Ship 揚陸艇修理艦[揚陸艇工作艦]
ARM Heavy Machinery Repair Ship 重機械工作艦
ARS Salvage Ship; or Salvage Vessel 救難艦
ARSD Salvage Lifting Ship; or Salvage Lifting Vessel; or Diving Tender 救難起重機船
ARS(T) Salvage Craft Tender {Later ARST} 救難艇母艦
ARST Salvage Craft Tender {Formerly ARS(T)} 救難艇母艦
ARV Aircraft Repair Ship 航空機修理艦
ARV(A) Aircraft Repair Ship (Aircraft) {Later ARVA} 航空機修理艦(航空機)
ARVA Aircraft Repair Ship (Aircraft) {Formerly ARV(A)} 航空機修理艦(航空機)
ARV(E) Aircraft Repair Ship (Engine) {Later ARVE} 航空機修理艦(エンジン)
ARVE Aircraft Repair Ship (Engine) {Formerly ARV(E)} 航空機修理艦(エンジン)
ARVH Aircraft Repair Ship (Helicopter) 航空機修理艦(ヘリコプター)
AS Submarine Tender 潜水艦母艦
ASB Army Storm Boat 陸軍強襲ボート≪陸軍≫
ASB Arctic Survey Boat 寒冷地測量船≪沿岸警備隊≫
ASD Submarine Ammunition Ship 潜水艦給兵艦
ASDV Tender for Swimmer Delivery Vehicle 潜水作業支援船
ASL Small Submarine Tender 小型潜水艦母艦
ASPB Assault Support Patrol Boat 強襲支援哨戒艇
ASR Submarine Rescue Ship; or Submarine Rescue Vessel 潜水艦救難艦
ASSA Cargo Submarine {Later APSS} 貨物輸送潜水艦
ASSP Transport Submarine {Later APSS} 輸送潜水艦
AT Tug (Ocean-Going); or Fleet Tug {Later ATA, ATF, ATO}; or Ocean-Going Tug 航洋曳船、艦隊曳船
ATA Auxiliary Tug; or Auxiliary Ocean Tug {Formerly AT} 補助航洋曳船
ATB Aviation Training Boat 航空機練習艇≪沿岸警備隊≫
ATC Armored Troop Carrier 装甲兵員輸送艇
ATC(H) Armored Troop Carrier (Helicopter) {Later ATCH} 装甲兵員輸送艇(ヘリコプター発着甲板付き)
ATCH Armored Troop Carrier (Helicopter) {Formerly ATC(H)} 装甲兵員輸送艇(ヘリコプター発着甲板付き)
ATF Fleet Ocean Tug{Formerly AT} 艦隊航洋曳船
ATGB Large Icebreaking Tug 大型砕氷曳船
ATL Tank Landing Craft {Later LST} 戦車輸送艦
ATLS Aerial Target-launch Craft 航空標的発射艇
AT(O) Old Ocean Tug {Formerly AT}; or Ocean Tug, Old 旧型航洋曳船
ATO Old Ocean Tug {Formerly AT(O)}; or Ocean Tug, Old 旧型航洋曳船
ATR Rescue Ocean Tug 救難航洋曳船
ATS Salvage and Rescue Ship 救難艦(曳船型)
AV Heavier-than-Air Aircraft Tender {Formerly AZ}; or Seaplane Tender 《重航空機》母艦、水上機母艦
AVB Advance Aviation Base Ship; or Aviation Logistic Support Ship 航空支援艦
AVC Catapult Lighter; or Large Catapult Lighter カタパルト艀、大型射出艀
AVD Seaplane Tender, Destroyer 駆逐艦改造水上機母艦
AVG Aircraft Escort Vessel; or Escort Carrier, Auxiliary 航空機搭載護衛艦
AVM Guided Missile Ship ミサイル実験艦
AVP Small Seaplane Tender 小型水上機母艦
AVR Aircraft Rescue Vessel 航空機救難艦
AVS Aviations Supply Ship; or Aircraft Rescue Vessel 航空用品補給艦、航空機救難艦
AVT Auxiliary Aircraft Transport 航空機運搬艦[航空機輸送艦]
AVT Auxiliary Aircraft Landing Training Ship 航空機着艦練習補助艦
AW Distilling Ship 蒸留水艦
AWK Water Tanker 水槽艦
AX Training Vessel (Current Meaning); or Auxiliary Tender, Large (Former Meaning)
AXS Sail Training Vessel 練習帆船
AY VIP Yacht (Current Meaning); or Auxiliary Tender, Small (Former Meaning)
AZ Lighter-than-Air Aircraft Tender {Later AV}; or Airship Tender (Lighter-than-Air); or Aerostat Tender 《軽航空機》母艦、気球母艦、飛行船母艦
B Battleship, First Line {Later BB} 一等戦艦
B Barge; or Lorcha 艀≪陸軍≫
B Barge 艀(非自走)≪空軍≫
BAK British Cargo Ship イギリス向け輸送艦[輸送船]
BAM British Minesweeper イギリス向け掃海艇、イギリス向け艦隊掃海艇
BAPM British Mechanized Artillery Transport {Later LSD} イギリス向け機動火砲輸送艦
BAR British Repair Ship イギリス向け工作艦
BARC Barge, Amphibious Resupply, Cargo {Later LARC-LX} 水陸両用貨物補給艀
BARS British Salvage Ship; or British Salvage Vessel イギリス向け救難艦
BAT British Tug (Ocean-Going); or British Fleet Tug; or British Ocean-Going Tug イギリス向け航洋曳船、イギリス向け艦隊曳船
BATR British Rescue Ocean Tug イギリス向け救難航洋曳船
BAVG British Aircraft Escort Vessel イギリス向け航空機搭載護衛艦
BB Battleship, First Line; or Battleship {Formerly BB} 一等戦艦、戦艦
BB Barrier Boat 設網ボート
BB Balloon Barge 気球用艀≪陸軍≫
BBC Battleship, Command Ship 指揮戦艦
BBG Guided Missile Capital Ship ミサイル戦艦
BBH Battleship, Helicopter ヘリコプター戦艦
BBP Balloon Barge, Leader ≪陸軍≫
BC Barge, Dry Cargo, Non-propelled, Medium (100'-149'); or Cargo Barge, Medium (110'-130') 中型貨物用艀≪陸軍≫
BCDK Conversion Kit, Barge, Deck Enclosure ≪陸軍≫
BCI Barge, Dry Cargo, Inland Waterways, Non-propelled, Medium (100'-149') 中型内海貨物艀(非自走)≪陸軍≫
BCL Lighter, Covered; or Cargo Barge, Large (210'-) 有蓋運貨船≪陸軍≫
BCLF Barge, Causeway ≪陸軍≫
BCLI Barge, Dry Cargo, Inland Waterways, Non-propelled, Large (150'-) 大型内海貨物艀(非自走)≪陸軍≫
BCS Nested Barge; or Cargo Barge, Small (45'-60') 小型貨物用艀≪陸軍≫
BD Crane, Floating; or Derrick and Crane Barge クレーン船、デリック&クレーン艀≪陸軍≫
BDE British Escort Ship イギリス向け護衛艦
BDL Beach Discharge Lighter; or Lighter, Beach Discharge 揚陸船≪陸軍≫
BDP Barge, Pile Driver; or Pontoon Derrick Barge 杭打機艀≪陸軍≫
BG Barge Liquid Cargo, Non-Propelled; or Gasoline Barge 液体用貨物艀(非自走)、軽質油船≪陸軍≫
BGI Barge Liquid Cargo, Inland Waterways, Non-Propelled 内海液体用貨物艀(非自走)≪陸軍≫
BGSS Battle Group Support Ship 戦闘群支援艦
BK Barge Dry Cargo, Non-Propelled; or Knocked-down Barge 貨物艀(非自走)、組み立て式艀≪陸軍≫
BKI Barge Dry Cargo, Inland Waterways, Non-Propelled ≪陸軍≫
BM Monitor {Formerly M} モニター
BMR River Monitor 河川[河用]モニター
BMRL Small River Monitor 小型河川[河用]モニター
BPC Barge, Railroad Carfloat ≪陸軍≫
BPL Barge, Pier, Non-Propelled ≪陸軍≫
BPT British Motor Torpedo Boat イギリス向け魚雷艇
BR Barge, Refrigerated, Non-Propelled ≪陸軍≫
BRI Barge, Refrigerated, Inland Waterways, Non-Propelled ≪陸軍≫
BRO Barge, Oill 貯油船≪陸軍≫
BSP Barge, Self Propelled 艀(自走)≪陸軍≫
BSPI Barge, Self Propelled, Inland Waterways ≪陸軍≫
BT Barge, Training, Non-Propelled 練習用艀(非自走)≪陸軍≫
BTL Truck Lighter; or Tank Lighter 車両運搬船≪陸軍≫
BU Buoy Boat 浮標艇≪沿岸警備隊≫
BUSL Stern Loading Buoy Boat 船尾積み込み浮標艇≪沿岸警備隊≫
BW Barge, Water 水船≪陸軍≫
BYMS British Motor Minesweeper イギリス向け内燃機掃海艇
BYT British Habor Tug or District Tug イギリス向け港内曳船
C Cruiser; or Protected Cruiser 巡洋艦《防護巡洋艦、非装甲防護巡洋艦》
C Navy Type Launch 海軍型ランチ
C Passenger Boat パッセンジャー・ボート≪陸軍≫
C Mechanized Landing Craft 機械化揚陸艇[機動揚陸艇]≪空軍≫
C Cable Layer ケーブル敷設船≪空軍≫
CA Armored Cruiser; or Cruiser, First Line; or Heavy Cruiser 装甲巡洋艦(~1931年)、一等巡洋艦、重巡洋艦(1931年~)
CAG Guided Missile Heavy Cruiser ミサイル重巡洋艦
CB Large Cruiser 大型巡洋艦
CB Boat, Cargo 輸送ボート≪陸軍≫
CB Boat, Collapsible; or Collapsible Boat 折り畳みボート≪陸軍≫
CB Crew Boat ≪沿岸警備隊≫
CB-OTH Over-the-Horizon Cutter Boat; or Cutter Boat-Over the Horizon オーヴァーザホライズン・カッター・ボート≪沿岸警備隊≫
CBC Large Tactical Command Ship 大型戦術指揮艦
CBG Guided Missile Large Cruiser ミサイル大型巡洋艦
CBG Coast Guard Barge ≪沿岸警備隊≫
CC Battle Cruiser, First Line; or Battle Cruiser 一等巡洋戦艦、巡洋戦艦(~1961年)
CC Command Ship {Formerly CLC} 指揮艦(1961年~)
CCB Command and Control Boat 指揮管制艇
CCB Coastal Command Boat 沿岸指揮ボート
CCH Combatant Craft Heavy 大型戦闘艇
CCM Combatant Craft Medium 中型戦闘艇
CD Canadian Drifters カナダ向け流し網漁船
CF Flying-Deck Cruiser 飛行甲板装備巡洋艦、航空巡洋艦
CFPM Causeway Ferry Power Modules コーズウェイ・フェリー・パワー・モジュール
CG Guided Missile Cruiser ミサイル巡洋艦
CGA Coast Guard Auxiliary 補助部隊船艇≪沿岸警備隊≫
CGB Coast Guard Barge 艀≪沿岸警備隊≫
CGC Coast Guard Cutter 沿岸警備隊カッター≪沿岸警備隊≫
CGD Coast Guard Destroyer 沿岸警備隊駆逐艦≪沿岸警備隊≫
CGE Eagle Boat; or Patrol Vessel イーグル・ボート、哨戒艇≪沿岸警備隊≫
CGH Guided Missile Cruiser (Helicopter); or Guided Missile Cruiser with an assigned Helicopter ヘリコプター・ミサイル巡洋艦
CG(N) Guided Missile Cruiser (Nuclear) {Later CGN} 原子力ミサイル巡洋艦
CGN Guided Missile Cruiser (Nuclear) {Formerly CG(N)} 原子力ミサイル巡洋艦
CGR Coast Guard Reserve 予備隊船艇≪沿岸警備隊≫
CGSC Submarine Chaser (Wooden Hull) (110') 沿岸警備隊駆潜艇(木製船体)≪沿岸警備隊≫
CGV Aviation Guided Missile Cruiser 航空機搭載ミサイル巡洋艦
CH Helicopter Cruiser; or Cruiser with an assigned Helicopter; or Carrier Cruiser ヘリコプター巡洋艦
CHG Guided Missile Carrier Cruiser
CL Light Cruiser, First Line; or Light Cruiser 一等軽巡洋艦、軽巡洋艦
CL Landing Boat 揚陸艇≪陸軍≫
CLAA Anti-Aircraft Light Cruiser 防空軽巡洋艦
CLC Task Flect Command Ship; or Tactical Command Ship {Later CC} 戦術指揮艦
CL(G) Guided Missile Light Cruiser {Later CLG} ミサイル軽巡洋艦
CLG Guided Missile Light Cruiser {Formerly CL(G)} ミサイル軽巡洋艦
CLGM Guided Missile Light Cruiser ミサイル軽巡洋艦
CLG(N) Guided Missile Light Cruiser (Nuclear) {Later CLGN} 原子力ミサイル軽巡洋艦
CLGN Guided Missile Light Cruiser (Nuclear) {Formerly CLG(N)} 原子力ミサイル軽巡洋艦
CLK Hunter-Killer Ship 対潜艦
CLH Helicopter Light Cruiser ヘリコプター軽巡洋艦
CLV Aviation Cruiser 航空機運搬巡洋艦
CM Minelayer, First Line; or Minelayer {Now MM} 一等機雷敷設艦、機雷敷設艦
CMc Coastal Minelayer 沿岸機雷敷設艦
CPC Coastal Patrol Craft 沿岸哨戒艇
CPIC 沿岸哨戒阻止艇
CS Scout Cruiser 偵察巡洋艦
CSGN Guided Missile Strike Cruiser (Nuclear) 原子力打撃巡洋艦
CT Canadian Trawlers カナダ向けトロール漁船
CTB Coastal Torpedo Boat 沿岸水雷艇
CV Aircraft Carrier, First Line; or Aircraft Carrier; or Multi-Purpose Aircraft Carrier 一等航空母艦、航空母艦、多目的航空母艦、汎用航空母艦
CVA Aircraft Carrier, Heavy 重航空母艦(1948年~1949年)
CVA Attack Aircraft Carrier {Later CV} 攻撃航空母艦(1952年~1975年)
CVA(N) Attack Aircraft Carrier (Nuclear) {Later CVAN} 原子力攻撃航空母艦
CVAN Attack Aircraft Carrier (Nuclear) {Later CVN} 原子力攻撃航空母艦
CVB Large Aircraft Carrier {Later CVA} 大型航空母艦
CVE Escort Aircraft Carrier 護衛航空母艦
CVET Replenishment Escort Aircraft Carrier; or Escort Aircraft Carrier Transport
CVGH Aircraft Carrier, Guided Missile Helicopter ミサイル・ヘリコプター航空母艦
CVH Helicopter Carrier; or Aircraft Carrier, Helicopter ヘリコプター航空母艦
CVHA Assault Helicopter Aircraft Carrier 強襲ヘリコプター航空母艦
CVHE Escort Helicopter Aircraft Carrier 護衛ヘリコプター航空母艦
CVL Light [Small] Aircraft Carrier 軽航空母艦
CV(N) Aircraft Carrier (Night) 夜間作戦用航空母艦(WWII時、非公式)
CVN Multi-Purpose Aircraft Carrier (Nuclear) 原子力多目的航空母艦、原子力汎用航空母艦
CVS Seaplane Carrier; or Anti-Submarine Warfare Aircraft Carrier 飛行艇母艦(~1957年)、対潜航空母艦(1957年~)
CVT Training Aircraft Carrier 練習航空母艦
CVU Utility Aircraft Carrier 雑役航空母艦
CVV Vari-Purpose Carrier [Aircraft Carrier (Medium)]; or VSTOL Aircraft Carrier 中型航空母艦、VSTOL航空母艦
D Destroyer 駆逐艦
D Dory and Dinghie 平底船≪陸軍≫
D Dredge 浚渫船(非自走)≪空軍≫
DA Destroyer 駆逐艦
DCH Damege Control Hulk 損害管制ハルク
DD Destroyer 駆逐艦
DDAP Destroyer Transport 輸送駆逐艦
DDC Corvette コルヴェット
DDE Anti-Submarine Destroyer; or Escort Destroyer 対潜駆逐艦、護衛駆逐艦
DDG Guided Missile Destroyer ミサイル駆逐艦
DDGS Guided Missile Destroyer (SSM only) ミサイル駆逐艦(SSMのみ装備)
DDH Helicopter Destroyer; or Destroyer with an assigned Helicopter ヘリコプター駆逐艦
DDK Hunter-Killer Destroyer 対潜駆逐艦
DDN Destroyer (Nuclear) 原子力駆逐艦
DDR Radar Picket Destroyer レーダー哨戒駆逐艦
DE Destroyer Escort; or Escort Vessel; or Escort Ship 護衛駆逐艦、護衛艦
DEAS Destroyer Escort, Anti-Submarine 対潜護衛艦、対潜装備強化型護衛艦
DEC Control Escort Vessel 指揮護衛艦
DEG Guided Missile Escort Ship ミサイル護衛艦
DEH Destroyer Escort Hydrofoil 水中翼護衛艦
DER Radar Picket Escort Ship レーダー哨戒護衛艦
DGV Guided Missile Aviation Destroyer; or Destroyer, Guided missile, Vertical take-off aircraft 航空機搭載ミサイル駆逐艦
DIN Dinghy 小型ボート≪沿岸警備隊≫
DL Destroyer Leader; or Frigate 嚮導駆逐艦、司令駆逐艦、フリゲイト
DLG Guided Missile Frigate ミサイル・フリゲイト
DLGM Guided Missile Frigate (Mixed SSM and SAM Systems) ミサイル・フリゲイト
DLG(N) Guided Missile Frigate (Nuclear) {Later DLGN} 原子力ミサイル・フリゲイト
DLGN Guided Missile Frigate (Nuclear) {Formerly DLG(N)} 原子力ミサイル・フリゲイト
DM Destroyer Minelayer; or Light Minelayer {Later MMD} 敷設駆逐艦、軽敷設艦
DM Docking Module ドッキング・モジュール
DMS High Speed Minesweeper; or Destroyer Minesweeper 高速掃海艇、掃海駆逐艦
DSRV Deep Submergence Rescue Vehicle 深海潜水救難艇
DSV Deep Submergence Vehicle 深海潜水艇
DT Dredge Tender 浚渫船母船≪空軍≫
DX New Destroyer 次期駆逐艦
DXG New Guided Missile Destroyer 次期ミサイル駆逐艦
DXGN New Guided Missile Frigate 次期原子力ミサイル・フリゲイト
E-LSM Radar Test and Evaluation Ship レーダー試験評価船
EAG Experimental Miscellaneous Auxiliary {Formerly AGX} 実験艦
EAMS Experimental Motor Minesweeper 実験内燃機掃海艇
EDD Experimental Destroyer 実験駆逐艦
EDDE Experimental Escort Destroyer 実験護衛駆逐艦
EDDG Experimental Guided Missile Destroyer 実験ミサイル駆逐艦
EDE Experimental Escort Vessel;or Experimental Escort Ship 実験護衛艦
EFV {Formerly AAAV} 遠征戦闘車
EMS Expeditionary Medical Ship 遠征用医療船
EMSF Experimental Minesweeper, Fleet (Steel Hull) 実験艦隊掃海艇(鋼製船体)
EMSC(O) Experimental Minesweeper, Coastal (Old) 実験沿岸掃海艇(旧型)
EPCER Experimental Control Rescue Escort (180') 実験指揮救難護衛艇
EPCS Experimental Patrol Craft, Sweeper; or Patrol Craft, Submarine (136') 実験対潜哨戒艇
EPF Expeditionary Fast Transport {Formerly JHSV} 遠征用高速輸送艦
ESB Expeditionary Base Mobile {Formerly AFSB} 遠征用機動基地
ESD Expeditionary Transfer Docks {Formerly MLP} 遠征用積み替えドック
ESS Experimental Submarine 実験潜水艦
EYC Open Lighter, Experimental 実験無蓋運貨船
EYFN Covered Lighter, Experimental 実験有蓋運貨船
EZ Non-Rigid Airship {Formerly ZPG} 軟式飛行船
F Fireboat; or Cargo Vessell (99' Steel); or Freight and Passenger Boat (100'-) 消火ボート≪陸軍、沿岸警備隊≫、99フィート貨物輸送船(鋼製)≪陸軍≫
F Cargo Vessell (Air Corps) 貨物輸送船(航空隊用)≪陸軍≫
F Frigate フリゲイト
F Ferry 交通船≪空軍≫
FB Ferryboat 交通船≪陸軍≫
FB Fire Boat 消火ボート
FD Drydock, Floating ≪陸軍≫
FDL Fast Deployment Logistic(s) Ship; or Fast Deployment Logistics Support Ship 高速展開兵站艦、急速配備補給艦
FF Frigate フリゲイト
FFG Guided Missile Frigate ミサイル・フリゲイト
FFH Helicopter Frigate; or Frigate with an assigned Helicopter ヘリコプター・フリゲイト
FFT Training Frigate; or Frigate (Reserve Training) 練習フリゲイト、フリゲイト(予備兵員練習艦)
FMS Repair Shop, Floating, Marine Repair, Non-Propelled 修理工場、浮遊式、海上修理、非自走≪陸軍≫
FP Freight and Passenger Boat (140'-); or Freight-Personnel Vessel {Later FS} 貨客船≪陸軍≫
FR Flood Relief Punt ≪沿岸警備隊≫
FRC Fast-Response Cutter {Later WPC} 即応カッター≪沿岸警備隊≫
FS Freight and Supply Vessel, Large (140'-); or Freight-Supply Vessel {Formerly FP} 大型貨物補給船≪陸軍≫
FSF Fast Sea Frame 沿海域戦闘用実験艦
FSM Freight and Supply Vessel, Medium (100'-139') ≪陸軍≫
FSR Vessel, Refrigerator, Diesel, Steel 冷凍沿岸貨物船≪陸軍≫
FT Freight and Passenger Boat (115'-) ≪陸軍≫
G Marine Tractor ≪陸軍≫
GT Tug, Marine Tractor ≪陸軍≫
GU Tug, Marine Tractor ≪陸軍≫
H 150' Retrieving Vessel-Air Corps Boat; or Aircraft Retrieval Boat 150フィート型修復船《陸軍航空軍団ボート》、航空機修復ボート≪陸軍≫
HAVIC High Speed Assault Vehicle and Interdiction Craft 高速強襲監視艇
HA Hoisting or Retrieving Vessel 回収船≪陸軍≫
HB House Boat 宿泊船≪沿岸警備隊≫
HLS Heavy Lift Ship ≪陸軍≫
HM Missile Retriever ミサイル回収艇
HSB Harbor Security Boat 港湾保全艇
HST High Speed Transport 高速輸送艦
HSV High Speed Vessel 高速輸送船
IAS Interdiction Assault Ship
IBS Inflatable Boat, Small
ID Identification Numbered Ship 識別番号船
IFS Inshore Fire Support Ship {Later LFR} 上陸火力支援艦
IP Ice Plow ≪沿岸警備隊≫
IPB Inshore Patrol Boat 内水哨戒艇
ISCS Interim Sea Control Ship 臨時制海艦
IX Unclassified Miscellaneous Unit [Auxiliary Ship] 非分類雑役船
IXSS Unclassified Miscellaneous Submarine 非分類雑役潜水艦
J Boat, Utility, Diesel, Plastic 汎用ボート《ディーゼル、プラスチック製船体》、ランチ ≪陸軍≫
JB Jet Boat ≪沿岸警備隊≫
JCC Joint Command Ship 統合指揮艦
JHSV Joint High Speed Vessel {Later EPF} 統合高速輸送船、統合高速輸送艦
JMP Junior Mine Planter 小型機雷敷設船≪陸軍≫
JR Radio Controlled Boat 無線操縦艇≪陸軍≫
L Distribution Box Boat ≪陸軍≫
L Amphibious Cargo Lighter 水陸両用トラック≪空軍≫
LACV Lighter, Air Cushioned Vehicle 輸送エア・クッション艇≪陸軍≫
LARC-LX Lighter, Amphibious Resupply, Cargo, 60(LX) ton 《60t型》水陸両用トラック
LARC-XV Lighter, Amphibious Resupply, Cargo, 15(XV) ton 《15t型》水陸両用トラック
LARC-V Lighter, Amphibious Resupply, Cargo, 5(V) ton 《5t型》水陸両用トラック
LARC Lighter, Amphibious 水陸両用トラック≪沿岸警備隊≫
LARC Lighter, Amphibious, Resupply, Cargo; or Lighter, Amphibious, Self Propelled, Diesel, Steel, 60-ton, 61-feet, Design 2303 水陸両用トラック≪陸軍≫
LASH Lighter Aboard Ship
LB Lifeboat 救命ボート
LBE Landing Barge, Emergency Repair 応急修理用船≪イギリス≫
LBF Landing Barge, Flak 高射砲艀≪イギリス≫
LBK Landing Barge, Kitchen 移動厨房≪イギリス≫
LBO Landing Barge, Oiler 給油船≪イギリス≫
LBP Personnel Landing Boat 人員揚陸艇[兵員揚陸艇]
LBS Support Landing Boat{Later LCT(S)} 支援揚陸艇
LBV Vehicle Landing Boat 小型車両揚陸艇≪イギリス≫
LBW Landing Barge, Water 給水船≪イギリス≫
LCA Assault Landing Craft [Landing Craft, Assault] 強襲揚陸艇≪イギリス≫
LCA Assault Landing Craft [Landing Craft, Assault] 強襲揚陸艇
LCA(HR) Assault Landing Craft (Hedgerow) [Landing Craft, Assault (Hedgerow)] 強襲揚陸艇(掃海用)≪イギリス≫
LCAC Landing Craft, Air Cushion エア・クッション型揚陸艇
LCB Landing Craft, Vehicle 車両揚陸艇
LCC Amphibious Command Ship {Formerly AGC} 揚陸指揮艦
LCC(1) Landing Craft, Control Mk. I 指揮揚陸艇Mk. I
LCC(2) Landing Craft, Control Mk. II 指揮揚陸艇Mk. II
LCE Landing Craft, Emergency Repair 応急修理用揚陸艇≪イギリス≫
LCF Landing Craft, Flak 高射砲艇≪イギリス≫
LCF(2) Landing Craft, Flak Mk. II 高射砲艇Mk. II≪イギリス≫
LCF(3) Landing Craft, Flak Mk. III 高射砲艇Mk. III≪イギリス≫
LCF(4) Landing Craft, Flak Mk. IV 高射砲艇Mk. IV≪イギリス≫
LCFF Landing Craft, Flottilla Flagship {Formerly LCI(FF)} 歩兵揚陸艇(隊旗艇)
LCG Landing Craft, Gun 砲艇≪イギリス≫
LCG(L)(3) Landing Craft, Gun (Large) Mk. III 砲艇Mk. III(大型)≪イギリス≫
LCG(L)(4) Landing Craft, Gun (Large) Mk. IV 砲艇Mk. IV(大型)≪イギリス≫
LCG(M)(1) Landing Craft, Gun (Medium) Mk. I 砲艇Mk. I(中型)≪イギリス≫
LCG(M)(2) Landing Craft, Gun (Medium) Mk. II 砲艇Mk. II(中型)≪イギリス≫
LCH Landing Craft, Headquarters 歩兵揚陸艇(司令部)≪イギリス≫
LCI  Landing Craft, Infantry 歩兵揚陸艇
LCI(D) Landing Craft, Infantry (Demolition) 歩兵揚陸艇(破壊工作)
LCI(FF) Landing Craft, Infantry (Flotilla Flagship) {Later LCFF} 歩兵揚陸艇(隊旗艇)
LCI(G) Landing Craft, Infantry (Gunboat) {Later LCIG} 歩兵揚陸艇(砲艇)
LCIG Landing Craft, Infantry, Gunboat {Formerly LCI(G)} 歩兵揚陸艇(砲艇)
LCI(H) Landing Craft, Infantry (Headquarters) {Later LCIH} 歩兵揚陸艇(司令部)
LCIH Landing Craft, Infantry, Headquarters {Formerly LCI(H)} 歩兵揚陸艇(司令部)
LCI(L) Landing Craft, Infantry (Large) {Formerly APY} 歩兵揚陸艇(大型)
LCIL Landing Craft, Infantry, Large {Formerly LCI(L)} 歩兵揚陸艇(大型)
LCI(M) Landing Craft, Infantry (Mortar) {Later LCIM} 歩兵揚陸艇(迫撃砲)
LCIM Landing Craft, Infantry, Mortar {Formerly LCI(M)} 歩兵揚陸艇(迫撃砲)
LCI(R) Landing Craft, Infantry (Rocket) {Later LCIR} 歩兵揚陸艇(ロケット)
LCIR Landing Craft, Infantry, Rocket {Formerly LCI(R)} 歩兵揚陸艇(ロケット)
LCI(S) Landing Craft, Infantry (Small) {Later LCIS} 歩兵揚陸艇(小型)
LCIS Landing Craft, Infantry, Small {Formerly LCI(S)} 歩兵揚陸艇(小型)
LCM Landing Craft, Mechanized {Formerly MLC, WM} 機械化揚陸艇[機動揚陸艇]
LCM(2) Landing Craft, Mechanized Mk. II {Formerly WL} 機械化揚陸艇Mk. II[機動揚陸艇Mk. II]
LCM(3) Landing Craft, Mechanized Mk. III {Formerly WM} 機械化揚陸艇Mk. III[機動揚陸艇Mk. III]
LCM(4) Landing Craft, Mechanized Mk. IV 機械化揚陸艇Mk. IV[機動揚陸艇Mk. IV]
LCM(6) Landing Craft, Mechanized Mk. VI 機械化揚陸艇Mk. VI[機動揚陸艇Mk. VI]
LCM(8) Landing Craft, Mechanized Mk. VIII 機械化揚陸艇Mk. VIII[機動揚陸艇Mk. VIII]
LCM(Flak) Landing Craft, Mechanized (Flak) 機械化揚陸艇(対空砲)[機動揚陸艇(対空砲)]
LCMG Landing Craft, Mechanized Gun 機械化揚陸艇(各種砲塔載)[機動揚陸艇(各種砲塔載)]
LCM(K) Landing Craft, Hydrokeel
LCM/ML Landing Craft, Mechanized Minelaying 機械化揚陸艇(機雷敷設)[機動揚陸艇(機雷敷設)]
LCM(R) Landing Craft, Mechanized (Rocket) {Later LCMR} 機械化揚陸艇(ロケット)[機動揚陸艇(ロケット)]
LCMR Landing Craft, Mechanized (Rocket) {Formerly LCM(R)} 機械化揚陸艇(ロケット)[機動揚陸艇(ロケット)]
LCN Landing Craft, Navigational 誘導用揚陸艇≪イギリス≫
LCP Landing Craft, Personnel 人員揚陸艇[兵員揚陸艇]≪イギリス≫
LCP(L) Landing Craft, Personnel (Large) {Later LCPL} 人員揚陸艇(大型)[兵員揚陸艇(大型)]
LCPL Landing Craft, Personnel, Large {Formerly LCP(L)} 人員揚陸艇(大型)[兵員揚陸艇(大型)]
LCP(M) Landing Craft, Personnel (Medium) {Later LCPM} 人員揚陸艇(中型)[兵員揚陸艇(中型)]
LCPM Landing Craft, Personnel, Medium {Formerly LCP(M)} 人員揚陸艇(中型)[兵員揚陸艇(中型)]
LCP(N) Landing Craft, Personnel (Nested) {Later LCPN} 人員揚陸艇(居室付き)[兵員揚陸艇(居室付き)]
LCPN  Landing Craft, Personnel, Nested {Formerly LCP(N)} 人員揚陸艇(居室付き)[兵員揚陸艇(居室付き)]
LCP(P) Landing Craft, Personnel (Plastic) {Later LCP(N)} 人員揚陸艇(プラスチック)[兵員揚陸艇(プラスチック)]
LCP(R) Landing Craft, Personnel (Ramped) {Later LCPR} 人員揚陸艇(ランプ付き)[兵員揚陸艇(ランプ付き)]
LCPR Landing Craft, Personnel, Ramped {Formerly LCP(R)} 人員揚陸艇(ランプ付き)[兵員揚陸艇(ランプ付き)]
LCP(SY) Landing Craft, Personnel (Survey) 人員揚陸艇(測量)[兵員揚陸艇(測量)]≪イギリス≫
LCP(U) Landing Craft, Personnel (Utility) 人員揚陸艇(汎用)[兵員揚陸艇(汎用)]≪イギリス≫
LCR Landing Craft, Rubber; or Landing Craft, Riverine ゴム・ボート型揚陸艇
LCR(L) Landing Craft, Rubber [Inflatable Boat] (Large) {Formerly RB-10} ゴム・ボート型揚陸艇(大型)
LCRL Landing Craft, Rubber [Inflatable Boat] (Large) {Formerly LCR(L)} ゴム・ボート型揚陸艇(大型)
LCR(S) Landing Craft, Rubber [Inflatable Boat] (Small) {Formerly RB-7} ゴム・ボート型揚陸艇(小型)
LCRS Landing Craft, Rubber [Inflatable Boat] (Small) {Formerly LCR(S)} ゴム・ボート型揚陸艇(小型)
LCS Landing Craft, Support 上陸支援艇
LCS Littoral Combat Ship 沿海域戦闘艦
LCS(L) Landing Craft, Support (Large) 上陸支援艇(大型)
LCS(L)(1) Landing Craft, Support (Large) Mk. I 上陸支援艇(大型)Mk. I≪イギリス≫
LCS(L)(2) Landing Craft, Support (Large) Mk. II 上陸支援艇(大型)Mk. II≪イギリス≫
LCS(L)(3) Landing Craft, Support (Large) Mk. III 上陸支援艇(大型)Mk. III
LCS(M)(1) Landing Craft, Support (Medium) Mk. I 上陸支援艇(中型)Mk. I≪イギリス≫
LCS(M)(2) Landing Craft, Support (Medium) Mk. II 上陸支援艇(中型)Mk. II≪イギリス≫
LCS(M)(3) Landing Craft, Support (Medium) Mk. III 上陸支援艇(中型)Mk. III≪イギリス≫
LCSR Landing Claft, Swimmer Reconnaissance 水中偵察員[偵察泳者]揚陸艇
LCSR(K) Landing Claft, Swimmer Reconnaissance (Hydrokeel) 水中偵察員[偵察泳者]揚陸艇(ハイドロキール)
LCSR(L) Landing Claft, Swimmer Reconnaissance (Large) 水中偵察員[偵察泳者]揚陸艇(大型)
LCS(S)(1) Landing Craft, Support (Small) Mk. I 上陸支援艇(小型)Mk. I≪イギリス≫
LCS(S)(2) Landing Craft, Support (Small) Mk. II 上陸支援艇(小型)Mk. II≪イギリス≫
LCSS Landing Craft, Support, Small {Formerly LCS(S)} 上陸支援艇(小型)
LCT  Landing Craft, Tank {Formerly TLC} 戦車揚陸艇
LCT(5) Landing Craft, Tank Mk. V {Formerly YTL} 戦車揚陸艇Mk. V
LCT(6) Landing Craft, Tank Mk. VI 戦車揚陸艇Mk. VI
LCT(A)  Landing Craft, Tank (Armor) 戦車揚陸艇(装甲)
LCT(HE)  Landing Craft, Tank (High Explosives) 戦車揚陸艇(高性能爆薬)≪イギリス≫
LCT(Loco)  Landing Craft, Tank (Locomotive) 戦車揚陸艇(機関車)
LCT(R)  Landing Craft, Tank (Rocket) 戦車揚陸艇(ロケット)≪イギリス≫
LCT(R)(2)  Landing Craft, Tank (Rocket) Mk. II 戦車揚陸艇(ロケット)Mk. II≪イギリス≫
LCT(R)(3)  Landing Craft, Tank (Rocket) Mk. III 戦車揚陸艇(ロケット)Mk. III≪イギリス≫
LCT(S)  Landing Craft, Tank (Support) {Formerly LBS} 戦車揚陸艇(支援)
LCT(SP)  Landing Craft, Tank (Self Propelled Artillery) 戦車揚陸艇(自走高射砲)
LCT(U)  Landing Craft, Tank (Utility) 戦車揚陸艇(汎用)
LCU Landing Craft, Utility {Formerly LSU} 汎用揚陸艇
LCU(A) Landing Craft, Utility (Arcticized) 汎用揚陸艇(寒冷地用)
LCU(F) Landing Craft, Utility (Fuels) 汎用揚陸艇(燃料)
LCU(F) Landing Craft, Utility (Folding) 汎用揚陸艇(折り畳み)
LCV Landing Craft, Vehicle {Formerly TR} 車両揚陸艇
LCVP Landing Craft, Vehicle, Personnel 車両人員揚陸艇[車両兵員揚陸艇]
LCVP(H) Landing Craft, Vehicle, Personnel (Hydrojet) [(Hydrofoil)] 車両人員揚陸艇[車両兵員揚陸艇](水中翼)
LCVP(K) Landing Craft, Vehicle, Personnel (Hydrokeel) 車両人員揚陸艇[車両兵員揚陸艇](ハイドロキール)
LCVP(T) Landing Craft, Vehicle, Personnel (Planing) [(Twin)]
LCW Landing Craft, Wing-in-Ground-Effect
LC(X) Landing Craft, Experimental 次期揚陸艇
LFR Inshore Fire Support Ship {Formerly IFS, LSMR} 上陸火力支援艦
LFS Amphibious Fire Support Ship; or Landing Force Support Ship 揚陸火力支援艦、上陸部隊支援艦
LFSR Amphibious Fire Support Ship, Rocket; or Landing Force Support Ship, Rocket 揚陸火力支援艦(ロケット)、上陸部隊支援艦(ロケット)
LFSW Amphibious Fire Support Ship, Weapon; or Landing Force Support Ship, Weapon 揚陸火力支援艦(兵器)、上陸部隊支援艦(兵器)
LHA Amphibious Assault Ship (General Purpose) 強襲揚陸艦(汎用)
LHD Amphibious Assault Ship (Multi-Purpose) 強襲揚陸艦(多目的)
LKA Amphibious Cargo Ship {Formerly AKA} 貨物揚陸艦
LLC Light Lift Craft; or Light Salvage Lift Craft 小型雑船、小型救難雑船
LPA Amphibious Transport {Formerly APA} 揚陸輸送艦
LPD Amphibious Transport Dock ドック型輸送揚陸艦[ドック型揚陸輸送艦]
LPH Amphibious Assault Ship (Helicopter) 強襲揚陸艦
LPR Amphibious Transport, Small {Formerly APD} 小型輸送揚陸艦
LPSS Amphibious Transport Submarine 揚陸輸送潜水艦[輸送揚陸潜水艦]
LPV Landing Ship, Personnel, Fixedwing Aircraft
LRI Long Range Interceptor 長距離迎撃艇≪沿岸警備隊≫
LSB Landing Ship, Bombardment
LSC Landing Ship, Carrier (Derrick-Hoisting)
LSD Dock Landing Ship [Landing Ship, Dock] ドック型揚陸艦
LSE Landing Ship, Emergency Repair≪イギリス≫
LSES Surface Effect Ship (SES) Amphibious Assault Ship 水面効果強襲揚陸艦
LSF Landing Ship, Fighter Direction≪イギリス≫
LSFF Flotilla Flagship (Amphibious) {Formerly LCFF} 揚陸艇隊指揮艇
LSFH Landing Ship, Fire Support, Heavy 重火力支援揚陸艦
LSG Landing Ship, Gantry≪イギリス≫
LSH Landing Ship, Headquarters≪イギリス≫
LSI Landing Ship, Infantry (Giant"Y"Boat) 歩兵揚陸艦
LSI(G) Landing Ship, Infantry (Gunboat) 歩兵揚陸艦(砲艦)
LSI(L) Landing Ship, Infantry (Large) {Later LSIL} 歩兵揚陸艦(大型)
LSIL Landing Ship, Infantry (Large) {Formerly LSI(L)} 歩兵揚陸艦(大型)
LSI(M) Landing Ship, Infantry (Mortar) {Later LSIM} 歩兵揚陸艦(迫撃砲)
LSIM Landing Ship, Infantry, Mortar {Formerly LSI(M)} 歩兵揚陸艦(迫撃砲)
LSI(R) Landing Ship, Infantry (Rocket) 歩兵揚陸艦(ロケット)
LSM Landing Ship, Medium 中型揚陸艦
LSM(R) Landing Ship,Medium (Rocket) {Later LSMR} ロケット中型揚陸艦
LSMR Landing Ship, Medium, Rocket {Later LFR} ロケット中型揚陸艦
LSS Landing Ship, Stern-Chute≪イギリス≫
LSSC Light SEAL Support Craft 小型特殊チーム支援艇
LSSL Support Landing Ship, Large Mk. III 大型上陸支援艇Mk. III
LSSR Landing Craft, Reconnaissance
LST Tank Landing Ship [Landing Ship, Tank] 戦車揚陸艦
LST(2) Tank Landing Ship [Landing Ship, Tank] Mk. II 戦車揚陸艦Mk. II
LST(H) Landing Ship, Tank (Hospital) {Later LSTH} 戦車揚陸艦(病院)
LSTH Landing Ship, Tank (Casualty Evacuation) {Formerly LST(H)} 戦車揚陸艦(病院)
LST(M) Landing Ship, Tank (Mother Ship); or Landing Ship, Tank (Modified) 戦車揚陸艦(母艦)、戦車揚陸艦(改良)
LST/ML Landing Ship, Tank Minelaying 戦車揚陸艦(機雷敷設)
LSTS Landing Ship, Tank (Small) {Later LSU} 小型戦車揚陸艦
LSU Landing Ship, Utility {Later LCU} 汎用揚陸艦
LSV Vhicle Cargo Ship; or Landing Ship, Vehicle 車両輸送艦、車両揚陸艦
LSV Logistics Support Vessel ≪陸軍≫
LT Tug, Harbor, Diesel, Steel (100') 港内曳船《ディーゼル、鋼製船体、100フィート型》≪陸軍≫
LT Tug, Harbor, Diesel-Electric, Steel (143') 港内曳船《ディーゼルエレクトリック、鋼製船体、143フィート型》≪陸軍≫
LV Lightship 灯船≪沿岸警備隊≫
LVA Assault Landing Vehicle 強襲水陸両用車
LVCP(H) Landing Vehicle, Hydrofoil
LVHX Landing Craft, Hydrofoil
LVT Landing Vehicle, Tracked 装軌式水陸両用車
LVT(A) Landing Vehicle, Tracked (Armored Turret Type) 装軌式水陸両用車(装甲砲塔型)
LVT(U) Landing Vehicle, Tracked (Unarmored) 装軌式水陸両用車(非装甲型)
LVTAA Landing Vehicle, Tracked, Anti-Aircraft 対空装軌式水陸両用車
LVTCR Landing Vehicle, Tracked, Command-Control 指揮管制装軌式水陸両用車
LVTE Landing Vehicle, Tracked, Combat Engineer 戦闘工兵装軌式水陸両用車
LVTH6 Landing Vehicle, Tracked, Close-Support Version Carrying a 105mm Howitzer 近接支援装軌式水陸両用車(105㎜榴弾砲牽引)
LVTP Landing Vehicle, Tracked, Personnel 人員輸送装軌式水陸両用車[兵員輸送装軌式水陸両用車]
LVTR Landing Vehicle, Tracked, Recovery 回収装置付き装軌式水陸両用車
LVTU Landing Vehicle, Tracked, Utility Cargo
LVTX Landing Vehicle, Tracked, Experimental 次期装軌式水陸両用車、実験用装軌水陸両用車
LVW Landing Vehicle, Wheeled 装輪式水陸両用車
LX Landing Ship, New or Undefined Design 次期揚陸艦
LXA Assault Amphibious Ship 次期強襲揚陸艦
LXS Support Amphibious Ship 次期支援揚陸艦
LVW Landing Vehicle, Wheeled (Mark) 装輪式水陸両用車
LWT Amphibious Warping Tug 揚陸曳船
M Monitor {Later BM} モニター
M Motor Mine Yawl 内燃機機雷ヨール≪陸軍≫
MA Maritime Administration 海事局
MAC 沿岸水中戦攻撃機動艇
MB Motor Boat 内燃機関艇、モーター・ボート
MC Maritime Commission 海事委員会
MCAC Mine Countermeasures Craft, Air Cushion エア・クッション型掃海艇
MCB Motor Cargo Boat 内燃機輸送艇≪沿岸警備隊≫
MCBL Motor Cargo Boat (Light) 軽内燃機輸送艇≪沿岸警備隊≫
MCD Mine Countermeasures Drone 無人掃海艇
MCF Mobile Continuity Force Ship 機動継続部隊艦
MCM Mine Countermeasures Ship 掃海艦
MCS Mine Countermeasures Ship; or Mine Countermeasures Support Ship 掃海艇、機雷戦指揮艦
MCSL Small Mine Countermeasures Ship 小型掃海艇
MCT Mine Countermeasures Conversion Trainer
MHA Minehunter, Auxiliary 補助機雷掃討艇
MHC Minehunter, Coastal {Formerly AMCU} 沿岸機雷掃討艇
MHI Inshore Minehunter 内水機雷掃討艇
Mini-ATC Mini-Armored Troop Carrier 小型装甲兵員輸送艇
ML Minelayer 機雷敷設艦
ML Motor Launch モーター・ランチ≪沿岸警備隊≫
MLB Mobile Landing Platform 機動揚陸プラットフォーム、機動揚塔支援艦
MLB Motor Lifeboat 内燃機救命艇≪沿岸警備隊≫
MLC Mortor Landing Claft {Later LCM} 内燃機揚陸艇
MLC Motor Launch, Cabin モーター・ランチ(キャビン付き)≪沿岸警備隊≫
MLDS Motor Launch, Double Shelter モーター・ランチ(二重シェルター付き)≪沿岸警備隊≫
MLP Mobile Landing Platform {Later ESD} 機動揚陸プラットフォーム、機動揚搭支援艦
MM Minelayer Fleet {Later MMF} 艦隊機雷敷設艦
MMA Minelayer, Auxiliary {Formerly ACM} 補助機雷敷設艦
MMC Minelayer, Coastal 沿岸機雷敷設艦
MMD Minelayer, Fast {Formerly DM} 高速機雷敷設艦
MMF Minelayer, Fleet {Formerly MM} 艦隊機雷敷設艦
MMR Minelayer, River 河川[河用]機雷敷設艦
MON Monitor (New Riverine Warfare Type) 河用モニター
MON Monomoy Surfboat ≪沿岸警備隊≫
MPF(F) Maritime Prepositioning Force (Future) 将来型事前集積部隊
MP Senior Mine Planter 機雷敷設船≪陸軍≫
MR Missile Retriever; or Roket Recovery Ship ミサイル[ロケット]回収船≪空軍≫
MRB Motor Rescue Boat 内燃機救難艇≪沿岸警備隊≫
MS Motor Ship 内燃機船
MSA Minesweeper, Auxiliary 補助掃海艇
MSAC Minesweeper, Air Cushion エア・クッション型掃海艇
MSB Minesweeping Boat 掃海ボート、小型掃海艇
MSB Motor Surfboat 内燃機救命作業艇≪沿岸警備隊≫
MSC Minesweeper, Coastal (Non-Magnetic) {Formerly AMS} 沿岸掃海艇
MSC(O) Minesweeper, Coastal (Old) {Formerly AMS} 沿岸掃海艇(旧型)
MSCO Minesweeper, Coastal (Old) {Formerly MSC(O)} 沿岸掃海艇(旧型)
MSD Minesweeper, Drone 無人掃海艇
MSF Minesweeper, Fleet (Steel Hull) {Formerly AM} 艦隊掃海艇(鋼製船体)
MSH Minesweeper, Hunter; or Minesweeper, Harbor 機雷掃討艇、港内掃海艇
MSI Minesweeper, Inshore 内水掃海艇
MSL Minesweeper, Launch ランチ掃海艇
MSM Minesweeper, Medium (Steel Hull); or Minesweer, River 中型掃海艇(鋼製船体)、河川[河用]掃海艇
MSO Minesweeper, Ocean (Non-Magnetic) {Formerly AM} 航洋掃海艇
MSR Minesweeper, Patrol [River] 哨戒[河川]掃海艇
MSS Minesweeper, Special (Device) 特殊《器材》掃海艇
MSSC Medium SEAL Support Craft 中型特殊チーム支援艇
MST Large Target Craft 大型標的艇
MT Motor Towboat, Small (26') ≪陸軍≫
MTL Motor Tow Launch; or Motor Towboat, Large (26'-) ≪陸軍≫
MTS Moored Training Ship 係留練習艦
MW Motor Whaleboat モーター救難ボート(捕鯨船型)
NDRF National Defense Reserve Fleet 国家防衛予備船隊、国家防衛予備艦隊≪海事局≫
NLB Nearshore Lifeboat 沿岸救命艇≪沿岸警備隊≫
NP Small Patrol Craft 小型哨戒艇
NR Submersible Research Vehicle (Nuclear) 原子力海洋調査潜水艇
NSC National Security Cutter {Later WMSL} 国土保全カッター≪沿岸警備隊≫
NSSN New Nuclear Attack Submarine (Temporary Designation) 新型原子力《攻撃型》潜水艦
OB Outboard Launch-Detachable Motor; or Outboard Sea Skiff 船外機付き船、航洋小型帆船≪陸軍≫
OBB Battleship, Second Line 二等戦艦
OBM Monitor, Second Line 二等モニター
OBM Outboard Monitor-Stationary Motor ≪陸軍≫
OCA Cruiser, Second Line 二等巡洋艦
OCC Battle Cruiser, Second Line 二等巡洋戦艦
OCL Light Cruiser, Second Line 二等軽巡洋艦
OCM Minelayer, Second Line 二等機雷敷設艦
OCV Aircraft Carrier, Second Line 二等航空母艦
ODD Destroyer, Second Line 二等駆逐艦
OPC Offshore Patrol Cutter {Later WMSM} 近海哨戒カッター≪沿岸警備隊≫
OYP Old [District] Patrol Craft; or Old Patrol Vessel 旧型港内哨戒艇
P Fast Rescue Boat (42', 83', 104'); or Picket Boat 高速救難艇、哨戒艇≪陸軍≫
P Personnel Boat ≪空軍≫
PA Contraction of "APA"
PAC Air Cushion Patrol Craft エア・クッション型哨戒艇
PACV Patrol Air Cushion Vehicle 哨戒エア・クッション艇
PB Patrol Boat; or All-Weather Patrol Boat 哨戒艇、全天候型哨戒艇
PB Punt Boat 平底船
PBC Patrol Boat Coastal {Later PC} 沿岸哨戒艇
PBL Amphibious Assault Patrol Boat 揚陸強襲哨戒艇
PBM Multi-Purpose Patrol Boat 多目的哨戒艇
PBR River Patrol Boat 河川哨戒艇
PC Submarine Chaser (Steel Hull) (173') 駆潜艇(鋼製船体)
PC Coastal Patrol Craft Formerly {PBC, PCB} 沿岸哨戒艇
PCB Coastal Patrol Boat {Later PC} 沿岸哨戒艇
PC(C) Submarine Chaser (Control) (173') {Later PCC} 指揮駆潜艇
PCC Control Submarine Chaser (173') {Formerly PC(C)} 指揮駆潜艇
PCE Escort Patrol Craft (180') 護衛艇
PCE(C) Escort Patrol Craft (Control) (180') {Later PCEC} 指揮護衛艇
PCEC Control Escort (180') {Formerly PCE(C)} 指揮護衛艇
PCE(R) Control Rescue Escort (180') {Later PCER} 指揮救難護衛艇
PCER Control Rescue Escort {Formerly PCE(R)} 指揮救難護衛艇
PCF Patrol Craft, Coastal (Fast); or Patrol Craft, Inshore 沿岸哨戒艇(高速)、内水哨戒艇
PCG Patrol Chaser (Missile) 哨戒駆潜艇(ミサイル)
PCH Submarine Chaser (Hydrofoil); or Patrol Craft (Hydrofoil) 駆潜艇(水中翼)、哨戒艇(水中翼)
PCI Fast Coastal Interceptor
PCP Patrol Craft (Fast) 哨戒艇(高速)
PCS Patrol Craft, Sweeper; or Patrol Craft, Submarine (136') 対潜哨戒艇
PCS(C) Submarine Chaser (Control) (136') {Later PCSC} 指揮哨戒艇
PCSC Control Submarine Chaser (136') {Formerly PCS(C)} 指揮哨戒艇
PDEIN Peapod Dinghy ≪沿岸警備隊≫
PE Eagle Boat; or Patrol Vessel イーグル・ボート、哨戒艇
PE Personnel Boat; or Captain's Gig 人員ボート、艦長用艦載ボート
PF Patrol Escort; or Frigate 哨戒護衛艇、フリゲイト、哨戒フリゲイト
PFG Guided Missile Corvette ミサイル・コルヴェット
PFR Radar Picket Corvette レーダー哨戒コルヴェット
PG [Patrol] Gunboat {Formerly PGM}; or Converted Yacht [哨戒]砲艦、コルヴェット
PGG Patrol Gunboat (Missile) 哨戒砲艦(ミサイル)
PGH Hydrofoil 水中翼艇
PGH Patrol Gunboat (Hydrofoil) 哨戒砲艇(水中翼)
PGM Motor Gunboat {Later PG} モーター砲艇
PGMG Guided Missile Motor Gunboat ミサイル・モーター砲艇
PGM(K) Motor Gunboat (Hydrokeel)
PGY Press Boat
PH Helicopter Gunboat ヘリコプター砲艦
PHM Guided Missile Patrol Combatant (Hydrofoil) 水中翼ミサイル哨戒艇
PHT Hydrofoil Torpedo Boat 水中翼魚雷艇
PL High Endurance Cutter 遠距離カッター
PM Medium Endurance Cutter 中距離カッター
PR River Gunboat 河用砲艦
PR Parasail Training Craft ≪空軍≫
PS Pulling Surfboat 手漕ぎ(牽引用)救命作業艇≪沿岸警備隊≫
PSB Port Security Boat-Reserve 港内警備艇≪沿岸警備隊≫
PT Motor Torpedo Boat {Later PTF} 魚雷艇
PTC Motor Boat, Submarine Chaser 駆潜内燃機艇
PTF Fast Patrol Craft [Boat] {Formerly PT} 高速哨戒艇
PTFG Large Guided Missile Motor Boat 大型ミサイル・モーター・ボート
PTG Small Guided Missile Motor Boat 小型ミサイル・モーター・ボート
PW Wing-in-Ground-Effect Patrol Craft
PWB Ports and Waterways Boat 港湾水路ボート≪沿岸警備隊≫
PY Smaller [Patrol Vessel] Converted Yacht 哨戒ヨット、砲艦
PYc Patrol Vessel Converted Yacht (Coastal) 沿岸哨戒ヨット
PYT Peru Habor Tug or District Tug ペルー向け港内曳船
Q Boat, Picket, Diesel, Wood; or Launch, more than 60' 哨戒ボート《ディーゼル、木製船体》、ランチ《60フィート型以上》≪陸軍≫
QS Boat, Quick Supply 高速支援ボート≪陸軍≫
R Rowboat ≪陸軍≫
RA 7-Man Rubber Boat {Later RB-7} 7人乗りゴム・ボート
RB 10-Man Rubber Boat {Later RB-10} 10人乗りゴム・ボート
RB-7 Rubber Boat (7-Man) {Later LCR(S)} ゴム・ボート(7人乗り)
RB-10 Rubber Boat (10-Man) {Later LCR(L)} ゴム・ボート(10人乗り)
RC Revenue Cutter 税関監視カッター≪沿岸警備隊≫
RCB Riverline Command Boat 河川制圧艇
RHIB Rigid-hull Inflatable Boat; or Rigid-hulled Inflatable Boat 硬式ゴム・ボート
RHIBB Rigid-hull Inflatable Boat, Big 大型硬式ゴム・ボート≪沿岸警備隊≫
RHIBL Rigid-hull Inflatable Boat, Light 小型硬式ゴム・ボート≪沿岸警備隊≫
RHIBM Rigid-hull Inflatable Boat, Medium 中型硬式ゴム・ボート≪沿岸警備隊≫
RPC Russian Patrol Craft ソヴィエト向け哨戒艇
RPC River Patrol Craft 河川[河用]哨戒艇
RPCF Riverine Patrol Craft, Coastal (Fast) 河川[河用]沿岸哨戒艇(高速)
RPT Russian Motor Torpedo Boat ソヴィエト向け魚雷艇
RS Repair Ship ≪陸軍≫
S Submarine {Later SS} 潜水艦
SABMIS Sea-Based Anti-Ballistic Missile System 洋上展開弾道ミサイル迎撃システム
SB Small Boat 小型ボート
SBA Aerostat Tender ≪陸軍≫
SBX Sea-Based X-Band Radar 海上配備Xバンドレーダー
SC Cruiser Submarine 巡洋潜水艦
SC Submarine Chaser (Wooden Hull) (110') 駆潜艇(木製船体)
SCB Ship Characteristics Board 基本計画審議委員会
SC(C) Submarine Chaser (Control) (110') {Later SCC} 指揮駆潜艇
SCC Control Submarine Chaser (110') {Formerly SC(C)} 指揮駆潜艇
SCS Sea Control Ship 制海艦
SDV Swimmer Delivery Vehicle 泳者揚陸車両
SDTS Self Defense Test Ship
SES Surface Effect Ship 水面効果艇
SF Fleet Submarine, First line {Later SS} 艦隊潜水艦
SFA-CC Security Force Assistance Combat Craft 保安部隊支援戦闘艇
SFS Surface Effect Fast Sealift Ship 水面効果型高速輸送船
SG Swamp Glider 沼地用滑走艇≪陸軍≫
SJ Anti-Submarine Boat 対潜ボート≪陸軍≫
SKB Skiff, Large (16 feet to 17 feet 11 inches) 大型小艇≪沿岸警備隊≫
SKI Skiff, Ice 氷地用小艇≪沿岸警備隊≫
SKL Skiff, Light (11 feet 11 inches and under) 小型小艇≪沿岸警備隊≫
SKM Skiff, Medium (12 feet to 15 feet 11 inches) 中型小艇≪沿岸警備隊≫
SL Ship-of-the-Line 戦列艦
SLWT Side Loading Warping Tug 揚陸曳船(横積み型)
SM Minelaying Sumarine 機雷敷設潜水艦
SP Motor Patrol Boat; or Section Patrol Craft 内燃機哨戒艇、区域哨戒艇
SPC-LE Special Purpose Craft-Law Enforcement 法執行用特殊艇≪沿岸警備隊≫
SRP Short Range Prosecutor 短距離臨検艇≪沿岸警備隊≫
SS [Fleet/Attack] Submarine {Formerly S, SF} 潜水艦、《攻撃型》潜水艦
SS Merchant Steamship 商船
SSA Cargo Submarine {Later ASSA} 貨物輸送潜水艦
SSAG Guided Missile Auxiliary Submarine ミサイル補助潜水艦
SSB Ballistic Missile Submarine 弾道ミサイル潜水艦
SSB Swimmer Support Boat 泳者支援艇
SSB(N) Ballistic Missile Submarine (Nuclear) {Later SSBN} 原子力弾道ミサイル潜水艦
SSBN Ballistic Missile Submarine (Nuclear) {Formerly SSB(N)} 原子力弾道ミサイル潜水艦
SSC Cruiser Submarine 巡洋潜水艦
SSC Ship-to-Shore Connector 洋上拠点コネクター
SSC Small Surface Combatant 小型水上戦闘艦
SSG Guided Missile Submarine 《巡航》ミサイル潜水艦
SSGN Guided Missile Submarine (Nuclear) 原子力《巡航》ミサイル潜水艦
SSK Anti-Submarine [Hunter/Killer] Submarine 対潜潜水艦
SSKN Anti-Submarine [Hunter/Killer] Submarine (Nuclear) 原子力対潜潜水艦
SSM Midget Submarine
SS(N) Submarine (Nuclear) {Later SSN} 原子力《攻撃型》潜水艦
SSN Submarine (Nuclear) {Formerly SS(N)} 原子力《攻撃型》潜水艦
SSO Submarine Oiler 給油潜水艦
SSP Transport Submarine {Later ASSP} 輸送潜水艦
SSP Semi-Submerged Platform 半潜水艇
SSR Radar Picket Submarine レーダー哨戒潜水艦
SSR(N) Radar Picket Submarine (Nuclear) {Later SSRN} 原子力レーダー哨戒潜水艦
SSRN Radar Picket Submarine (Nuclear) {Formerly SSR(N)} 原子力レーダー哨戒潜水艦
SSS Strike Support Ship 攻撃支援艦
SST Training Submarine; or Target and Training Submarine 練習潜水艦、標的練習潜水艦
ST Tug, Harbor, Diesel, Steel (85') 港内曳船《ディーゼル、鋼製船体、85フィート型》≪陸軍≫
STAB SEAL Team Assault Boat シール部隊強襲艇
SWAL 河用小型攻撃艇
SWAM 河用中型攻撃艇
SWATH Small Waterplane Area Twin Hull
SWCL Special Warfare Craft, Light 小型特殊戦支援艇
SWCM Special Warfare Craft, Medium 中型特殊戦支援艇
SWOB Oil Ship Waste Offload Barge 廃油回収艇(非自走)
T 36' Landing Boat {Later LCP(L)} 36フィート揚陸艇
T Boat, Passenger and Cargo, Diesel, Steel; or Freight and Passenger Boat (65') 貨客用ボート《ディーゼル、鋼製船体》≪陸軍≫
T- Prefix Designation for MSTS/MSC Ship 軍事海上輸送部隊/軍事海上輸送軍団所属艦船
TA Target Boat; or Vessel, Target 標的用ボート、標的船≪陸軍≫
TACV Transport Air Cushion Vehicle 輸送エア・クッション艇
TANB Transportable Aids-to-Navigation Boat 輸送航海援助艇≪沿岸警備隊≫
TB Torpedo Boat 水雷艇、魚雷艇
TBS Talk Between Ship
TCDF Temporary Crane Discharge Facility ≪陸軍≫
TG Tug 曳船≪空軍≫
TICWAN Trailerable Intracoastal Waterway Aids to Navigation Boat ≪沿岸警備隊≫
TKL Tank Lighter 戦車用艀≪陸軍≫
TLC Tank Landing Claft {Later LCT} 戦車揚陸艇
TLL Tank Lighter, Light Tank Capacity
TLLW Tank Lighter (Medium Tank-Well Type)
TP 36' Landing Boat, Personnel Ramp {Later LCP(R)} 人員揚陸艇(ランプ付き)[兵員揚陸艇(ランプ付き)]
TP Tug, Harbor 港内曳船≪陸軍≫
TPSB Transportable Port Security Boat 貨物港警備艇≪沿岸警備隊≫
TP-TH Freight and Passenger Vessel, Small (-100') ≪陸軍≫
TR Landing Boat, Vehicle Ramp {Later LCV} 車両揚陸艇
TR Torpedo Retriever 魚雷回収艇
TR Training/Recovery Boat 練習船兼ミサイル[ロケット]回収船≪空軍≫
TRB Torpedo Retriever; or Torpedo Recovery Boat 魚雷回収艇
TS Support Boat {Later LCS} 支援艇
TSV Theater Support Vessel 戦域支援艦≪陸軍≫
TWR Torpedo Retriever; or Torpedo Weapons Retriever 魚雷回収艇
U Utility Boat 汎用ボート、汎用艇≪空軍≫
UB/MS 40- or 50-foot Utility Boat, Fitted for Shallowwater Minesweeping
UN-CR Universal Cruiser
USAARS United States Army Aircraft Repair Ship 合衆国陸軍航空機修理船≪陸軍≫
USACS United States Army Cable Ship 合衆国陸軍電纜敷設船≪陸軍≫
USAHS United States Army Hospital Ship 合衆国陸軍病院船≪陸軍≫
USAMRS United States Army Marine Repair Ship 合衆国陸軍海洋修理船≪陸軍≫
USAPRS United States Army Port Rehabilitation Ship; or United States Army Port Repair Ship 合衆国陸軍港湾修理船≪陸軍≫
USAS United States Army Radio Communications Ship 合衆国陸軍無線通信船≪陸軍≫
USAT United States Army Transport 合衆国陸軍輸送船≪陸軍≫
USLSS United States Life-Saving Service 合衆国人命救助部
USSB United States Shipping Board 合衆国船舶院
USV Unmanned Surface Vehicle 無人水上船
UT Utility Boat 汎用艇≪沿岸警備隊≫
UTB Utility Boat, Large (40 feet) 大型汎用艇≪沿岸警備隊≫
UTL Utility Boat, Light (16 to 18 feet) 小型汎用艇≪沿岸警備隊≫
UTM Utility Boat, medium (30 feet) 中型汎用艇≪沿岸警備隊≫
UTML Utility Motor Launch 汎用内燃機モニター≪沿岸警備隊≫
V Artillery Steamer; or Boat, Motor; or Speed Boat モーターボート、高速ボート≪陸軍≫
VLC Vehicle Landing Craft 車両揚陸艇
VSS V/STOL Support Ship V/STOL支援艦
WAG Miscellaneous Auxiliary 雑役船≪沿岸警備隊≫
WAGB Icebreaker 砕氷船≪沿岸警備隊≫
WAGC Amphibious Force Flagship 揚陸指揮船≪沿岸警備隊≫
WAGE Examination Vessel 調査船、試験船≪沿岸警備隊≫
WAGL Buoy Tender; or Lighthouse Tender 設標船、灯台見回り船≪沿岸警備隊≫
WAGL Buoy Tender, Coastal {Later WLM} 沿岸設標船≪沿岸警備隊≫
WAGL Buoy Tender, Inland, Large {Later WLI} 大型内海設標船≪沿岸警備隊≫
WAGL Buoy Tender, Inland, Small {Later WLI} 小型内海設標船≪沿岸警備隊≫
WAGL Buoy Tender, River, Large {Later WLB} 大型河川[河用]設標船≪沿岸警備隊≫
WAGL Buoy Tender, River, Small {Later WLR} 小型河川[河用]設標船≪沿岸警備隊≫
WAGL Buoy Tender, Seagoing {Later WLB} 遠洋航海設標船≪沿岸警備隊≫
WAGL Inland Tender, Small, Construction ≪沿岸警備隊≫
WAGO Oceanographic Cutter 海洋観測船≪沿岸警備隊≫
WAGR Miscellaneous Auxiliary; or Radio Ship 雑役船、無線電波放送船≪沿岸警備隊≫
WAGW Weather Ship 気象観測船≪沿岸警備隊≫
WAK Cargo Ship; or Cargo Ship, Large/Small 貨物船≪沿岸警備隊≫
WAL Lightship {Later WLV} 灯船≪沿岸警備隊≫
WAO Oiler 油槽船≪沿岸警備隊≫
WARC Cable Layer; or Cable Repair/Laying Ship ケーブル敷設船≪沿岸警備隊≫
WAT Oceangoing Tug {Later WMEC} 航洋曳船≪沿岸警備隊≫
WATA Oceangoing Tug {Later WMEC}; or Oceangoing Tug, Auxiliary  航洋曳船、補助航洋曳船≪沿岸警備隊≫
WATF Oceangoing Tug {Later WMEC} 航洋曳船≪沿岸警備隊≫
WATO Ocean Tug, Old 旧型航洋曳船≪沿岸警備隊≫
WAVP Seaplane Tender, Small {Later WHEC} 小型飛行艇母船≪沿岸警備隊≫
WAVR 104' Air-Sea Rescue Vessel ≪沿岸警備隊≫
WB Workboat 作業ボート
WD Buoy Boat {Later WLI, WLR} 浮標艇≪沿岸警備隊≫
WDE Destroyer Escort; or Escort Vessel; or Escort Ship 沿岸警備隊護衛艦≪沿岸警備隊≫
WFCI Fast Coastal Interceptor ≪沿岸警備隊≫
WHEC High Endurance Cutter {Formerly WAVP, WPG} 遠距離カッター≪沿岸警備隊≫
WIX Training Cutter; or Unclassified Miscellaneous (帆走)練習カッター、非分類雑役船≪沿岸警備隊≫
WL Tank Lighter, Light Tank Capacity {Later LCM(2)} 軽戦車用艀
WLB Seagoing Buoy Tender {Formerly WAGL} 遠洋航海設標船≪沿岸警備隊≫
WLBB Great Lakes Icebreaker 五大湖砕氷船≪沿岸警備隊≫
WLI Inland Buoy Tender, Large {Formerly WAGL} 大型内海設標船≪沿岸警備隊≫
WLI Inland Buoy Tender, Small {Formerly WAGL, WD} 小型内海設標船≪沿岸警備隊≫
WLIC Construction Tender {Formerly WAGL} 構造物築造船≪沿岸警備隊≫
WLM Coastal Buoy Tender {Formerly WAGL} 沿岸設標船≪沿岸警備隊≫
WLR River Buoy Tender, Large {Formerly WAGL} 大型河川[河用]設標船≪沿岸警備隊≫
WLR River Buoy Tender, Small {Formerly WAGL, WD} 小型河川[河用]設標船≪沿岸警備隊≫
WLV Lightship {Formerly WAL} 灯船≪沿岸警備隊≫
WM Tank Lighter, Medium Tank Capacity {Later LCM(3)} 中戦車用艀
WMEC Medium Endurance Cutter {Formerly WAT, WATA, WATF, WPC, WSC} 中距離カッター≪沿岸警備隊≫
WMEH Medium Endurance Cutter, Hydrofoil 水中翼中距離カッター≪沿岸警備隊≫
WMSL Maritime Security Cutter, Large {Formerly NSC} 大型海上警備カッター≪沿岸警備隊≫
WMSM Maritime Security Cutter, Medium {Formerly OPC} 中型海上警備カッター≪沿岸警備隊≫
WMSP Polar Security Cutter 極地警備カッター≪沿岸警備隊≫
WP Work Punt 作業艇≪沿岸警備隊≫
WPB Patrol Craft; or Patrol Craft, Large/Small; or [Maritime] Patrol Boat 巡視艇≪沿岸警備隊≫
WPC Patrol Craft {Later WMEC}; or Maritime Patrol Coastal; or Submarine Chaser 巡視艇、駆潜艇≪沿岸警備隊≫
WPF Weather Ship 気象観測船≪沿岸警備隊≫
WPG Gunboat {Later WHEC} 砲艦≪沿岸警備隊≫
WPGH Patrol Gunboat (Hydrofoil) 哨戒砲艇(水中翼)≪沿岸警備隊≫
WPR River Gunboat 河用砲艇≪沿岸警備隊≫
WPY Yacht ヨット≪沿岸警備隊≫
WPYc Coastal Yacht 沿岸ヨット≪沿岸警備隊≫
WR Reserve≪沿岸警備隊≫
WSA War Shipping Administration 戦時船舶管理局【海事委員会の下部組織】
WSC Patrol Craft {Later WMEC}; or Submarine Chaser (110') 巡視艇、駆潜艇≪沿岸警備隊≫
WSES Surface Effect Ship 水面効果艇≪沿岸警備隊≫
WTGB Large Icebreaking Tug 大型砕氷曳船≪沿岸警備隊≫
WTR Reserve Training Cutter 予備役練習カッター≪沿岸警備隊≫
WYNG Gate Vessel 扉船≪沿岸警備隊≫
WYP District Patrol Vessel 哨戒艇≪沿岸警備隊≫
WYT Harbor Tug {Later WYTL, WYTM} 港内曳船≪沿岸警備隊≫
WYTL Harbor Tug, Small {Formerly WYT}; or Harbor Tug, Small, Wood 小型港内曳船、木製小型港内曳船≪沿岸警備隊≫
WYTM Harbor Tug, Medium {Formerly WYT} 中型港内曳船≪沿岸警備隊≫
X Submersible Craft; or Midget Submarine (Research Vessel) 潜水艇
XAH Hospital Ship; Pre-World War II Conversion Designation
XAK Expenditionary Cargo Ship; Pre-World War II Conversion Designation
XAP Expenditionary Transport Ship; Pre-World War II Conversion Designation
XAPA Animal Transport; Pre-World War II Conversion Designation
XAPB Converted Artillery Barge; Pre-World War II Conversion Designation
XAPF Administrative Flagship; Pre-World War II Conversion Designation
XAPG Fire Support Ship; Pre-World War II Conversion Designation
XAPM Artillery Transport, Mechanized; Pre-World War II Conversion Designation
XAPN Artillery Transport, Non-Mechanized; Pre-World War II Conversion Designation
XAPP Converted Troop Barge Class A; Pre-World War II Conversion Designation
XAPT Converted Troop Barge Class B; Pre-World War II Conversion Designation
XAPV Aircraft Transport; Pre-World War II Conversion Designation
XAS Submarine Tender; Pre-World War II Conversion Designation
XCA(XCL) Auxiliaty Cruiser; Pre-World War II Conversion Designation 補助巡洋艦、仮装巡洋艦
XCM Minelayer; Pre-World War II Conversion Designation
XCV Aircraft Carrier; Pre-World War II Conversion Designation 商船改造航空母艦
XLUUV Extra Large Unmanned Undersea Vehicles 大型無人水中艇
XMAP Sweeper Device (Experimental Non-Self Propelled Device)
Y Vessel, Liquid Cargo, Diesel, Steel; or Tanker-176' 液体用貨物船(ディーゼル、鉄製船体)、油槽船≪陸軍≫
YA Ash Lighter
YAG Miscellaneous Auxiliary; or Miscellaneous District Auxiliary {Formerly AGb} 雑役船
YAGR Ocean Station Radar Ship 航洋レーダー哨戒船
YAGT Floating Target 浮き標的
YBD Bow Dry Dock 船首浮きドック
YC Coal Barge; or Open Lighter 無蓋運貨船(非自走)
YCD Fueling Barge 燃料船
YCF Car Float (Railroad) 車両運搬船(非自走)
YCK Open Cargo Lighter; or Open Lighter 無蓋輸送運貨船
YCV Aircraft Transportation Lighter 航空機運搬船(非自走)
YD Floating Crane; or Floating Derrick 起重機船(非自走)
YDG (District) Degaussing Vessel 消磁船
YDT Diving Tender 潜水支援艇、潜水作業母船(非自走)、潜水作業支援船(非自走)、水中処分母船
YE Ammunition Lighter 給兵船
YEN Ammunition Lighter (Non-Self Propelled) 給兵船(非自走)
YF Covered Lighter; or Freight Lighter 有蓋運貨船
YFB Ferry Boat; or Launche 交通船
YFD Yard Floating Dry Dock {Now AFDM}; or Floating Drydock 工廠用浮きドック(非自走)
YFN Covered Lighter (Non-Self Propelled) 有蓋運貨船(非自走)
YFNB Large Covered Lighter; or Covered Lighter, Big 大型有蓋運貨船(非自走)
YFND Dry Dock Companion Craft; or Covered Lighter ドック作業船(非自走)
YFNG Covered Lighter (Special Purpose) {Later YFNX} 特殊運貨船
YFNX Lighter (Special Purpose) (Non-Self Propelled) {Formerly YFNG} 特殊運貨船(非自走)
YFP Floating Power Barge 動力船(非自走)
YFR Refrigerated Covered Lighter 冷凍有蓋運貨船
YFRN Refrigerated Covered Lighter (Non-Self Propelled) 冷凍有蓋運貨船(非自走)
YFRT Covered Lighter (Range Tender) 試験場用有蓋運貨船
YFT Torpedo Transportation Lighter 魚雷輸送船
YFU Harbor Utility Craft 港内雑役船
YG Garbage Lighter 塵芥船
YGN Garbage Lighter (Non-Self Propelled) 塵芥船(非自走)
YGS Inshore Survey Craft 内水測量艇
YH Ambulance Boat 救急艇
YHB House Boat ハウス・ボート[宿泊船]
YHLC Salvage Lift Craft, Heavy 大型救難雑船(非自走)
YHT Heating Scow 保温大型平底船
YLA Open Landing Lighter 無蓋揚陸用運貨船
YLC Salvage Lift Craft 救難雑船(非自走)
YLLC Salvage Lift Craft, Light 小型救難雑船(非自走)
YM Dredge 浚渫船
YMD Mud Scow
YMLC Salvage Lift Craft, Medium 中型救難雑船(非自走)
YMN Dredge (Non-Self Propelled) 浚渫船(非自走)
YMP Motor Mine Planter; or Yard Mineplanter 内燃機機雷敷設船、工廠用機雷敷設船
YMS Motor Minesweeper {Later AMS}; or Auxiliary Motor Minesweeper 内燃機掃海艇、補助内燃機掃海艇
YMT Motor Tug; or Yard Motor Tug 内燃機曳船
YN Net Tender (Boom) {Later AN} 設網船
YNg Gate Vessel {Later YNG} 扉船(非自走)
YNG Gate Craft; or Gate Vessel {Formerly YNg} 扉船(非自走)
YNT [District] Net Tender (Tug Class) 設網船(曳船型)
YO Fuel Oil Barge; or Oil Barge 重油船、燃料補給船
YOG Gasoline Barge 軽質油船、航空燃料補給船
YOGN Gasoline Barge (Non-Self Propelled) 軽質油船(非自走)、航空燃料補給船(非自走)
YOL Coastal Tanker 沿岸油槽船
YON Fuel Oil Barge (Non-Self Propelled) 重油船(非自走)、燃料補給船(非自走)
YOS Oil Storage Barge 貯油船(非自走)
YOSS Submarine Oil Storage Barge
YP [District] Patrol Craft; or Patrol Vessel ("Yippie") 練習哨戒艇、港内哨戒艇
YPD Floating Pile Driver 杭打ち船(非自走)
YPK Pontoon Stowage Barge フロート積み込み船
YPR Parasail Training Craft 帆走練習艇
YPT Torpedo Retriever
YR Floating Workshop 工作船(非自走)
YRB Repair and Berthing Barge; or Submarine Repair and Berthing Barge 修理宿泊船(非自走)
YRBM Repair, Berthing, and Messing Barge; or Submarine Repair, Berthing, and Messing Barge 修理宿泊給食船(非自走)
YRBM(L) Repair, Berthing, and Messing Barge (Large) {Later YRBML} 修理宿泊給食船(大型)
YRBML Repair, Berthing, and Messing Barge (Large) {Formerly YRBM(L)} 修理宿泊給食船(大型)
YRC Submarine Rescue Chamber 潜水艦救難チャンバー
YRD(H) Floating Workshop Dry Dock (Hull) {Later YRDH} 船体工作浮きドック(非自走)
YRDH Floating Workshop Dry Dock (Hull) {Formerly YRD(H)} 船体工作浮きドック(非自走)
YRD(M) Floating Workshop Dry Dock (Machinery) {Later YRDM} 機械工作浮きドック(非自走)
YRDM Floating Workshop Dry Dock (Machinery) {Formerly YRD(M)} 機械工作浮きドック(非自走)
YRL Covered Lighter (Repair) 有蓋運貨船(修理)
YRM Missile Retriever
YRR Ladiological Repair Barge 放射能関係修理船(非自走)
YRST Salvage Craft Tender 救難雑船母船(非自走)
YS Stevedoring Barge 荷揚げ船(非自走)
YSD Seaplane Wrecking Derrick 水上機救難デリック船、事故機吊り上げ船
YSD Seaplane Wrecking Derrick 水上機救難デリック船(非自走)、事故機吊り上げ船(非自走)
YSP Salvage [Stowage] Pontoon 積み込み船
YSR Sludge Removal Barge 泥砂運搬船(非自走)、廃油回収艇(非自走)
YT Habor Tug {Later YTB, YTL, YTM}; or District Tug 港内曳船
YTB Large Habor Tug; or Habor Tug, Big {Formerly YT} 大型港内曳船
YTD Diving Tender 潜水作業母船
YTL Small Habor Tug;or Habor Tug, Little {Formerly YT} 小型港内曳船
YTL 105' Tank Lighter {Later LCT(5)} 105フィート戦車艀
YTM Medium Habor Tug; or Habor Tug, Medium {Formerly YT} 中型港内曳船
YTR Small Rescue Tug 小型救難曳船
YTS District Tug, Harbor, Small; or Sail-training Cutter 小型港内曳船、帆走練習カッター
YTT Torpedo Testing Barge; or Torpedo Trials Vessel 魚雷試験船
YV Drone Aircraft Catapult Control Craft; or Seaplane Barge 無人機射出管制艇[ドローン母艇]、飛行艇艀
YVC Catapult Lighter 射出船
YW Water Barge 水船
YWN Water Barge (Non-Self Propelled) 水船(非自走)
YWO Waste Oil Barge 廃油回収用艀
YX Unclassified Miscellaneous Unit [Auxiliary Ship] 非分類雑役船
ZA Z-Boat, Armored {Later YTB, YTL, YTM}
ZMC Zeppelin Metal Clad 全金属飛行船
ZN Non-Rigid Airship {Later EZ} 軟式飛行船
ZR Rigid Airship 硬式飛行船
ZRS Rigid Airship (Scouting) 硬式飛行船(偵察)

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