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排水量:90t 全長:18.28m 幅:12.19m 主機/軸数:gasoline-fueled electric motor/2軸 出力:100馬力 速力:6.0kt

↑"Aero. [Aeroplane] Wrecking Derrick" ... Undated. Preliminary design plan for a coastal aircraft recovery craft, built at Charleston Navy Yard in 1916 as Floating Derrick # 28 and soon reclassified as Seaplane Wrecking Derrick # 1, becoming YSD-1 in 1920. The vessel served at Naval Air Station Pensacola until 1923, recovering over 60 seaplanes during its first year of service alone. YSD-1 operated at Norfolk from 1923, save for a brief deployment to Annapolis in 1932. YSD-1 was transferred to the War Department in 1933. This plan provides a single 13,000-pound capacity derrick forward, gasoline-fuel electric motor propulsion driving two propellers, and a speed of 6 knots in a craft 60 feet long on the water line, 40 feet in beam, with a normal displacement of 90 tons. The two "V"-shaped hulls were connected by a thin steel deck covered with 3-inch wood planking. Note: The original document was ink on linen (black on white). The original plan is in the 1911-1925 "Spring Styles Book". U.S. Naval History and Heritage Command Photograph. Image courtesy of HyperWar.

↑Divers working from YSD-1 attempt to raise USS Allegheny (AT-19) at NAS Pensacola, July 1922. The tug had been holed and sunk after being struck by the propeller of the collier USS Orion (AC-11). US Navy and Marine Corps Museum/Naval Aviation Museum, photo 1989.119.001.030. Image courtesy of NavSource.
艦種記号 建造所 就役日 退役日 除籍日 備考
YSD-1 チャールストン海軍工廠 ◎1917頃 艦種を水上機救難デリック船第1号に改める
◎1933/5/16 除籍後、陸軍に移管
◎Initially assigned to 8th Naval District, at NAS Pensacola, FL, 1916-1923. Later assigned to 5th Naval District, at Norfolk, 1923-1933.

全長:26.59m 幅:12.19m 主機/軸数:船尾輪 出力:80馬力
艦種記号 建造所 就役日 退役日 除籍日 備考
YSD-4 メア・アイランド海軍工廠 ◎1920 竣工
◎1942/4/28 艦種を無蓋運貨船(非自走)(YC-908)に改める
◎Assigned to the 11th Naval District, at San Diego, circa 1924 - 1942.

軽荷排水量:220t(YSD-30は240t) 満載排水量:270t 全長:31.69m 幅:9.49m 吃水:0.99m(1.21mともいわれる) 主機/軸数:Superior式MRDB-8 200 HPディーゼル2基/2軸 出力:640馬力(YSD-30は400馬力) 速力:10.0kt 乗員:士官1名、下士官兵15名
艦種記号 建造所 就役日 退役日 除籍日 備考
YSD-11 チャールズタウン海軍工廠 ◎1940/5/16 起工
◎1940/8/21 進水
◎1940/11/15 竣工
◎1963 マイアミのHoyt C. & James R. Fosterに売却され貨物艀D.B. No. 1となる(オフィシャル・ナンバー290244)
◎のちにDeerfield BeachのFoster Marine Contractorsに売却
◎1980年代 除籍
◎Assigned to the 1st Naval District, mostly operating at NAS Quonset Point, during World War II.
YSD-12 チャールストン海軍工廠 ◎1940/9/4 起工
◎1940/12/12 進水
◎1941/1/28 竣工
◎1947/9 陸軍工兵隊に移管され艦種を漂流物/障害物回収船に改め、トロ Toroと命名
◎Assigned to the 10th Naval District, operating in the Caribbean during World War II.
YSD-14 メア・アイランド海軍工廠 ◎1940/7/17 起工
◎1940/11/1 進水
◎1940/12/17 運用開始
◎1960 陸軍工兵隊に移管され艦種を漂流物/障害物回収船に改め、ラクーン Raccoonと命名(1234567
◎Assigned to the 12th Naval District.
YSD-30 メア・アイランド海軍工廠 1947/1/28 ◎1941/4/23 起工
◎1941/6/25 進水
◎1942/7/18 竣工、真珠湾へ貨物輸送艦シリウス Sirius(AK-15)が曳航
1946/12/8 曳航中、Palmyra沖にて沈没
◎14th Naval District.
YSD-34 チャールストン海軍工廠 1974/4/15 ◎1942/12/30 起工
◎1943/2/25 進水
◎1943/10/23 竣工
◎1979/8 フィラデルフィアにて解体のため売却
◎Allocated to the 1st Naval District.
YSD-53 Gulfport Boiler & Welding Works 1992/4/20 ◎1943/4/9 起工
◎1943/9/6 進水
◎1944/5/3 竣工
◎1992/4/20 海事局に移管、船種記号をFS-28に改める、James Riverにて運用開始
◎Allocated to the 8th Naval District. Assigned to Harbor Clearance Unit 2 for use as a diving support platform, date unknown. Unit name changed to Mobile Diving and Salvage Unit 2, early 1980s.
YSD-67 Omaha Steel Works 1973/2/15 ◎1943/10/23 起工
◎1944/4/15 進水
◎1944/8/11 竣工
◎1973 空軍に移管
◎1974 陸軍工兵隊移管され艦種を漂流物/障害物回収船に改め、ピュージェット Pugetと命名
◎Allocated to the 13th Naval District at NAS Seattle.
YSD-78 Missouri Valley Bridge & Iron Co. ◎1945/1/1 起工
◎1940/6/11 進水
◎1945/6/30 竣工
◎1960/8/15 陸軍移管され艦種を漂流物/障害物回収船に改め、スネル Snellと命名
◎Assigned to 6th Naval District at Charleston, SC.

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