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↑USS Maloy (EDE-791). Heading in or out of New London, Conn. before she got her variable depth sonar in 1956. (U.S. Navy photo) (Note: The description "before she got her VDS" is incorrect. The first VDS was lowered over the port side on a winch with railings on the hull. If you note the small wake about midships, it is being generated by the railing on the hull. The transducer was raised and then tilted over to rest against the boat deck so that you walked under it on the port side. We were never able to develop a chain to keep the transducer beneath the ship so we couldn't get true bearings and distance. Computers solved that problem so they put it on the fantail. From: Bob Brown, a Maloy radarman, May 1951 - December 1953). Image courtesy of NavSource.

↑1961: Maloy shown coming out past the Underwater Sound Lab at Groton, Conn. Image courtesy of NavSource.

艦名 NAME 艦種記号 建造所 就役日 退役日 除籍日 備考
フランシス M. ロビンソン Francis M. Robinson EDE-220 フィラデルフィア海軍工廠 1944/1/15 1960/6/20 1972/7/1 ◎1949 艦種を実験護衛艦(EDE-220)に改める
◎1960 艦種を護衛艦(DE-220)に改める
Maloy EDE-791 コンソリデーテッド・スチール社 1943/12/13 1965/5/28 1965/6/1 ◎1946/8/14 艦種を実験護衛駆逐艦(EDE-791)に改める、運用開発部隊ニュー・ロンドン分遣隊 Operational Development Force, New London Detachmentに配属
◎1966/3/11 解体のため、ウィルミントンのNorth American Smelting Co. に売却

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