1913年2月14日のProposed Battleship ... February 14, 1913案

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1918年5月8日のPreliminary Design for a Fast Battleship - Scheme "D"案

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排水量:約36,000t 全長:213.36m 兵装:406mm3連装砲3基 装甲:水線177.8mm(傾斜装甲。127mm水平装甲と組み合わせる案もあり)


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※1934年に海軍が再開した最大戦艦 Maximum Battleshipsの設計研究。研究のみに終わる
排水量:66,000t 全長:297.10m 幅:32.60m 吃水:10.20m 主缶:12基 出力:88,300馬力 速力:25.3kt 兵装:508mm連装砲4基、38口径127mm連装砲10基 装甲:水線406.4mm、甲板165.1mm、砲塔前楯457.2mm、砲塔天蓋177.8mm
排水量:72,500t 全長:297.10m 幅:32.60m 吃水:10.20m 速力:30.0kt 兵装:508mm連装砲4基、38口径127mm連装砲10基 装甲:水線406.4mm、甲板165.1mm、砲塔前楯457.2mm、砲塔天蓋177.8mm


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↑Image courtesy of Shipbucket.
基準排水量:32,450t 全長:216.40m 幅:31.08m 吃水:8.68m 出力:160,000馬力 速力:30.0kt 兵装:356mm3連装砲3基

↑The 32,250-long-ton (32,770 t) design "A" was one of the first proposals. Unlike "B" and "C", it was far below the treaty-mandated limit of 35,000 long tons (36,000 t). It would have carried nine 14-inch (356 mm) guns in its main battery; although all of the turrets were forward of the superstructure, the guns could still fire forward provided that they were elevated to 4.5 degrees or more. The secondary battery planned was twelve 5-inch (130 mm) were unusually arranged in triple mounts. Image courtesy of Shipbucket.

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基準排水量:36,800t 全長:216.40m 幅:32.00m 吃水:9.34m 出力:180,000馬力 速力:30.5kt 兵装:356mm3連装砲4基

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基準排水量:36,500t 全長:216.40m 幅:32.30m 吃水:9.27m 出力:180,000馬力 速力:30.5kt 兵装:406mm連装砲4基

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基準排水量:40,500t 全長:228.60m 幅:32.30m 吃水:9.75m 出力:185,000馬力 速力:30.5kt 兵装:406mm3連装砲3基

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基準排水量:31,750t 全長:207.26m 幅:30.78m 吃水:8.78m 出力:160,000馬力 速力:30.0kt 兵装:50口径356mm4連装砲2基 搭載機:13機

↑"F" was an attempt to create a viable combination of an aircraft carrier and a battleship. With regards to the treaty limits, the design had an extremely comfortable margin with a standard displacement of 31,750 long tons (32,260 t; 35,560 ST). Three catapults were mounted on the bow, while a hangar located under that would contain ten bombers with wings folded. Two non-superfiring turrets would be mounted aft, both holding four 14-in guns. Image courtesy of Shipbucket.

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基準排水量:32,500t 全長:182.27m 幅:32.46m 吃水:9.33m 出力:65,100馬力 速力:30.0kt 兵装:356mm3連装砲3基

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艦名 NAME 艦種記号 建造所 就役日 退役日 除籍日 備考
BB-72 ◎計画のみ
BB-73 ◎計画のみ
BB-74 ◎計画のみ
BB-75 ◎計画のみ
BB-76 ◎計画のみ
BB-77 ◎計画のみ
BB-78 ◎計画のみ

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