※EBはExperimental Boatの略で、艦種記号ではない
全長:24.38m 幅:12.10m 吃水:0.73m 主機/軸数:ディーゼル4基/4軸 出力:6,000馬力 速力(満載時):50.0kt〜55.0kt 乗員:3名(貨物15t、SEAL隊員12名を塔載)
↑San Diego (Jan. 31, 2006) - The experimental boat ship "Stiletto" shown moored in San Diego. Stiletto is more than 80 feet in length and has a carbon-composite hull, which assist the boat to travel at speeds more than 50 knots. The boat will be used to transport special operations forces to their mission quickly. DoD photo by Samantha L. Quigley. (RELEASED)
↑San Diego (May 6, 2006) - Sailors assigned to Naval Special Clearance Team One (NSCT-1) prepare to enter the well deck aboard experimental boat ship Stiletto off the coast of San Diego. Members of NSCT-1 are participating in Exercise Howler. Stiletto is being tested for its usefulness in littoral combat warfare and interoperable environments. U.S. Navy photo by Photographer's Mate Airman Damien Horvath. (RELEASED)
↑ATLANTIC OCEAN (Jan. 15, 2013) - The Stiletto Maritime Demonstration Program team launches and 11-meter rigid-hull inflatable boat from the high-speed experimental boat Stiletto. U.S. Navy photo. (Released)
艦名 NAME 艦種記号 建造所 就役日 退役日 除籍日 備考
M80スティレット M80 Stiletto M ship Co. ◎2006/3 海軍に引き渡される

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